Friday, September 16, 2016

This Week in Our Home: Muffins, Snakes, and Old Seed!

I made these zucchini caramel frosted muffins this past week.  I found the wonderful recipe in Taste of home magazine. I tweaked it just a little for us and we love them! They were so good yet so bad.  Zucchini is a vegetable right?  I'm counting it.  

Have you seen that recipe on face book for mini apple pies in canning lids?  So cute.  I thought it would be great to try some for my apple pie loving husband. Totally forgot the sealing part because I thought it was so easy and didn't need to watch the video again.  So I just pressed it with a fork.  Tip:  without sealing they tend to look like apple pie volcanoes!   He ate them anyway

Excitement!  They found a snake. When the grandson came back from a four wheeling ride he brought me back a dead snake.  Not something we find too often here in Michigan -not even a gardener snake.  He had to show grandma.   Now that was fun!  

We went through all our seeds that people have given to us over the years this past week.  A lot of them were dead old and won't produce. Many of them came from gardening friends long ago and then we never tried them.   

My husband came up with a great idea to feed them to the birds and save on bird feed.  I was so impressed with his frugality!  Just one problem, the birds wouldn't touch them.  I think it's because we had a pan full of hard little rocks! 

I dumped out of the bird feeders into driveway for the squirrels but they were even confused!  We ended up putting the rest into the compost bin.

How did you week go?

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