Friday, September 2, 2016

This week in Our Home: Second Cup of Coffee, Good Deal at the Grocery Store, and Fall is in the Air!

I found out that a second cup of coffee makes me like granny on the Beverly Hillbillies.

Seems like I was kind of in a slump in the afternoon this past week and just needed a nap.  I decided that a second cup of coffee around 2 or 3 in the afternoon would do me good.  The grandchildren left and by the time my husband got back inside from mowing the lawn I had the dishes done, the toys picked up, living room floor vacuumed, floor swept, and the trash was ready to go out the door. He started laughing and said I reminded him of Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies.

I didn't find time to get my second cup of coffee in yesterday and this is what I woke up to.  Let me tell you I was so tired I went to bed with the book I was reading and never read a page!  

Out on an errand yesterday I found some chicken breasts marked down at the local store for .99 cents a pound.   They are marinating in the refrigerator and I'll be grilling them today along with some Grilled Rosemary Pork Chops.  

Geese are flying overhead going to the lake and it's amazing that I can hear them!  It's quiet this morning because every fan is off and there is a chill in the air! With the heat we had this past summer this is one year that I'm ready for Fall! 

How was your week?

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