Thursday, October 27, 2016

Book Review: Your Playbook for Tough Times by Donna Freedman

Your Playbook For Tough Times: Living Large On Small Change, For The Short Term Or The Long Haul by [Freedman, Donna]

Your Playbook For Tough Times: Living Large On Small Change, For The Short Term Or The Long Haul 

From the back of the book

Veteran personal finance journalist Donna Freeman created Your Playbook for Tough Times for these groups of people.
  • Those already struggling, due to issues like un or underemployment or student debt
  • Those anticipating money troubles, such as layoffs or health problems.
  • Those who want to live lean or realize a dream such as early retirement, full time parenthood or entrepreneurship.   

Your Playbook for Tough Times how you how to live with care and purpose, without sacrificing quality of life.   It's crammed with tactics on getting the most out of every dollar and offers linked to short- and long-term assistance both public and private.   The author walks with you as while you get control of your cash, put names to goals, and then bring those dreams to refutation. 

My thoughts:

Donna Freeman gives great tips and helpful solutions in Your Playbook for Tough Times.   All of them can help you when money troubles come your way.  She also covers two areas that I was really interested in, helpful ways to Retire by 35 (too late for me-50 was good though),  and fund an emergency fund. She covers it all from food, to housing, to insurance and more!

I love that she includes real life stories, giving you the pros and cons, the tricks, and the different views of others. You will be sure to walk away more than a few ideas to help you live a more frugal but not boring life.

Donna Freedman wrote the book that has been in my head for many years.  Well, except for one thing -she wrote it much better!  

A wonderful book!  

Bonus if you are on Goodreads you can search for this book and you will see that you have a chance to win one until 10/31/16!   

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