Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How I'm getting Red Ripe Tomatoes the Last of October

A great way to make green tomatoes last longer!

It's hard to believe next week will be November.  When you think about it, before long we will be shoveling snow! I guess that's why I do all I can to have my tomatoes last as long as possible. I picked the last of the tomatoes about 2 or 3 weeks ago as I was pulling up the tomato cages. I made sure to pick all the green ones including the green cherry tomatoes!   I didn't have quite as previous years because of the drought but I picked enough green ones to fill a basket halfway up  Some years though we can have a couple of baskets of green tomatoes.   

Newspaper is all it takes!

My favorite way to preserve the green tomatoes is to wrap them in newspaper.  I just tear a sheet of newspaper into strips and wrap each one in a strip.   Sometimes if they are small I'll put two or three together.  

I also like to put the ones the are the most green on the bottom of the basket and the ones that look like they are closer to turning red near the top. 

Tomatoes in a basket -red to ripen!   It's always amazing!

When they are all done I put them back in the basket and store it in a cool place in the house.   If you have a basement that would be great.   We have a closet in a room that stays pretty cool that I place mine in.  

Then I check on them frequently, at least once or twice a week. Sometimes I unwrap them all to see how they are doing.  I might run into one or two that have gone bad.  So it pays to stay on top of it.  

Slicing into a red ripe tomato is so good in October

Then they start to ripen slowly. It's so worth the extra bit of trouble to slice into a nice ripe garden tomato for just a little longer. I might get lucky this year and have one or two of them for Thanksgiving!  

How do you make your green tomatoes last longer?

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