Friday, October 14, 2016

How Making a List is Helping Me to Get More Done in a Day!

Making a list really helps!

I've been thinking about this a lot lately.  That is how I can get more done in a day.  Sometimes the days are packed and nothing extra seems to get done!   Then up pops a post on The Bluebirds are Nesting with an idea to make lists everyday. Glenda on the post explains how she makes lists and it helps her get more things done. She gives helpful hints in the comment section too.  I read the post and I was so excited that I made my list for the day right away!

How is it going so far?  

1.  It's working!  I've feel I 've gotten things done that I've put on the back burner for awhile.

2.  It's not all about work. I remembered to include taking care of myself.  Something I put on the back burner a lot.  I also remembered family and friends!  
3.  My weekly goals are getting done!  These lists have been also helping me get my weekly goals done. One day at a time!

What I found out:   

1.  To be flexible. Things just happen and don't let it get you down.   It's amazing what can happen in a day that can throw you off on your daily goal.  For instance, children get sick and need to be taken to the doctor, hair cut takes 2 hours (Thursday), etc.  Just put things that you didn't get done on your list for the next day or a day that looks good for you. 

2.  You don't need 5 things.  At first I thought I had to do five extra things but I know now I will not be able to that when things get busy.  Just a few extra things a day and I've been pretty amazed at the results!

3.  I can get more done on certain days.  Monday seemed nice, calm, and I had lots of energy.  By the time I gotten to Friday though I feel a little worn out.

So, besides my weekly goals I'm going to try these lists out and see how it goes. I won't be posting my lists all the time but I'll give you an example of what has been on them so far this week:


1.   Mop floor
2.   Dust furniture
3.   Put pretty angel on Mom & Dad's  grave before I break it!
4.   Clip my coupons
5.   Mail bills

I did everything but the dusting so I carried it over to Tuesday.


1.  Dust
2.  Farmer's market with the husband and beautiful granddaughter (fun outing for us)
3.  Vacuum
4.  Clean the last shelf in the pantry (should be easy)
5.  Send message to sister!

Tuesday was wild -but I manged to get to everything but the pantry shelf and dust.  I decided my best days for this would be Thursday.


1.   Keep making Memory game for granddaughter (while she's taking a nap)
2.   Go to Aldi's
3.   Church

Only 3 things on Wednesday so I won't fall over!    Husband volunteered to go to Aldi's - that seems scary.  I mean how could he do it without my opinion on what to buy?

Aldi update -He did great!   Well, he bought more than I asked for, but he did great!


1.    Dust
2.    Clean Pantry Shelf
3.    Pick peppers before forecasted frost
4.    Make omelettes for dinner
5.    get my hair done- believe me it's long overdue.

This is how the day went.   I went to go get my hair done and it took a long time (2 hours). It was not the hairdressers fault.  You see I procrastinate on making an hair appointment for as long as possible and I finally just freak out. I needed 4 inches cut off and my massive hair thinned out.  She knows that somehow and fits me in between other clients.   Such a sweetheart!

Then I came home and I helped the husband clean out garage and picked peppers in the garden before the frost.  I ended up a dusty, dirty woman with beautiful hair.  Oh yes cub scout boy would like patches sewn on his shirt. We ate out.  That dusting thing will have to wait!


1.   Dust

2.   Clean Pantry shelf
3.   Buy myself some tennis shoes
4.   Start reading a new book
5.   Call sister!   
6.   Do something with the peppers.  I think the neighbor wants them. 

I don't know how much that I will get done today (Friday) but so far I have already cleaned the pantry shelf!  

Do you have big job that you need to get done? You might also want to read My Secret Way I Get Things Done.

Have you made daily lists before?  

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