Friday, November 4, 2016

This Week in Our Home: These flowers Should be Dead, Halloween fun, and Sorting Candy!

These flowers should be dead! Just letting you know that we have never had flowers last so long.  It's been warm for awhile but we have had cold weather too. The first frost we had I was so protective of them that I ran outside and covered them up. The next one came with a skip of snow but I just figured well it's time for all good things to end.   

They are still living!   Maybe I should dead head them again.

Halloween was so much fun at our house. The grand kids came by to trick or treat up and down our street. I took the beautiful grandchild in the stroller while the oldest went further down the block with his Mom.  We are very generous on this street so they got lot of loot and had a lot of fun!  I'm pretty sure that's a stick of gum in my floor behind her.  

Do you remember sorting and counting candy? We always had to see how much we got.  It cracked me up when I found my wonderful grandson having fun doing the same thing.   

How was your Halloween this past week?

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