Thursday, December 22, 2016

Book Review: When Two Hearts Collide by Jean L Kuhnke

When Two Hearts Collide by [Kuhnke, Jean L.]

When Two Hearts Collide

From Amazon:

When faced with two fears, you run from the one that frightens you most, at least that is what Anneliese Carson did. At almost sixteen years old she chose to slip silently away after her mother died and go on a search for her Uncle Virgil in Oregon. She started out from a small town near Chicago with a wagon filled with only enough to help her survive and not be too burdensome for the old draft horse. Her greatest help came from three Colonels she met along the way, that and the handsome scout for the army.

My thoughts:

When Two Hearts Collide, gripped me from the beginning with the sadness of Anneliese situation, the suspense, and then the wonderful romance.  The descriptions were so vivid they kept me imagining the trail and feeling the weight of the hardships along the way. 

This story also inspired me.  I was amazed how much Anneliese knew how to do on her own. Her knowledge helped her and others survive. Simple things that made me wonder how I didn't know about them before.  In the end though what impressed me the most was her determination to go on no matter what came her way.

Throughout her struggles she doesn't leave her faith behind. She depends heavily on God to help her through many situations.  

A wonderful, wonderful book.   It was one of those books that made you feel like you need to get up and do something!   

I downloaded this book free last week.  In my opinion, it is well worth the current listing price!  

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