Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Why I Hate to Have My Picture Taken and the Ways I'm Dealing with it!

I did a brave thing for me when I shared some pictures of me in last Sunday's blog post.  Really,  I can't believe here I am doing it again!  I was hard for me but I wanted to post them to let you know I was real.  I'm just a real person one that hates to have my picture being taken.  

Let me take you back a bit and explained how things used to work, before the age of the internet. Seems like so long ago, but not really. We took pictures on our camera and then took the roll to get developed.  Sometimes that took weeks if you sent them into a cheap developer by mail or sometimes just a few days at the local photo shop. 

When we received them back we went through them and oh and awed at the ones we loved. Then we threw away the blurry ones, or the ones we didn't like.  We said things like, "oh my look at my wild hair, throw that one away!"  And we did!  Most of our pictures where just seen by immediate family and friends when they came over.  

Then along came the internet and a phone that can take your picture in a millisecond. You don't even need a flash!  Sometimes pictures are taken without anyone saying even saying "smile."  Then low and behold, it's posted on Facebook in the next millisecond. Without you even catching so much as a glimpse of it.   Gosh I hate that.  I want to preview them first and say stop that's an awful picture.

What's the problem now you say?  Well, what other people see is me, Vickie, playing with my grandchildren, hugging my husband, or harvesting the garden. What I see is, that fat roll around my stomach, my hair is wild, I'm very pale, have dark circles under my eyes (I hate to wear makeup), and I have a double chin. I think one moment I look good and the next I look like death warmed over. I could go on and on.  

How I have been trying to get over my having my picture taking problem:

1.  Breathe and try not to be too anxious when I see the pictures.    

2.  Realize this is who I am and learn to accept myself.  Realize that I don't have the picture perfect body and my hair has a mind of it's own.  Really, this is more than likely how I will stay.  

3.  Wear make up when we go somewhere because pictures will be taken.  This goes against my natural living ways but it will make me feel better when the pictures are shown. 

4.  Learn to accept that not every picture is going to look professional and they shouldn't.  Pictures portray our every day life. I was prepared when we went to the historic village but I was just my normal self when we were baking cookies or going down that sledding hill.   Yep, I went down the hill.  Okay, it was just once and now I have a picture to prove it!  No, you can not see it.

5. I'm going to secretly hope that people will stop commenting on the picture I dislike on Facebook.  All it takes is another comment and that picture will creep back up at me.  When it does I will revert back to #1.

Do you mind having your picture being taken?

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