Friday, January 27, 2017

In Our Home: How Our No Spend January is Going (it's almost over)!

What can I say about No Spend January?   It's been different, not terrible, just different.   We had the money to do each one of these unexpected expenses, and enough money to spare to start the bedroom!  

The first of our little problems came on a cold morning the first week in.   I went to warm up the car and it didn't want to turn over. We realized that we had been needing a battery for quite awhile. cost $111.00.

I also won a scholarship to the Master Gardener course that I'm taking. Cost was $150 after the scholarship and it needed to be paid immediately.  This was put on the credit card because of time constraints.   It will be paid when the bill comes in.  

The second week we had a little flood in our small basement that holds the sump pump and well (Sump pumps are used when basements floods regularly and to help solve dampness. It then pumps the water away from the house to a storm drain). Both the well and the sump pump quit working.   Cost of a plumber to help get rid of the water: $85, 00, cost of new points on a well $27. Total cost: $112.00
A helpful neighbor: Priceless

Then the flu came knocking on our door this week.   Grandchildren were very sick with the stomach virus.  Let me tell you there is nothing like a worry of children being sick.  We are thanking God they are better now and that we didn't get it as well.   Total Cost: Priceless plus a Small Big Mac (that was all we could stomach).

We were able paid the electrical/dry wall guy $560.00 in advance and he will start tomorrow! 

Have we had any fun?   Yes we have went free to the Henry Ford Museum on MLK day.   I have downloaded many free books along the way and I've went to the book sale at the Library (very cheap). This weekend we are going to the Ice/snow festival in Frankenmuth (free). 

Have I learned anything?   Yes that I need to be better prepared and organized.   

1.  I need to have water so that if something happens to ours we can at least flush a toilet.  I've been filling up clean empty milk jugs to help with that.  

2.  I need to be better organized.  Looking in my medicine cabinet I've found that we already  had 2 different bottles of children's Tylenol.   We didn't need to buy the one we did last week.  We are better stocked then I thought!  

Did you do a No Spend January?   

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