Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Frugal ways This Past Week and Our first Grocery Shopping for No Spend January

Here are the ways I've saved this past week:

I finished my afghan I was crocheting this week.  My first gift I've made this year to help fill my gift closet.  

I bought a gift card from Swagbucks and was rewarded bonus points for my birthday! Initially I just wanted to wait and gather up all the cards at the end of the year but I can't pass up a deal.

I warmed up the leftover corn and hash brown casserole in the oven at the same time as I was making the cornbread on Tuesday.  

Filled out the Kroger Survey for more fuel points.

I found two bags of stuffing I was organizing the computer room. I used them to help fill a couple of my living room pillows that had gone flat.

We have been on a No Spend January challenge.  While not everything went as we hoped this past week we are still doing great.  We hope to save a lot of money this month.   You can read the rules for our challenge here. 

Grocery shopping $40 a week No spend January Challenge:


6 Campbell's soups .59 each
Almond Milk  $2.89
8 lb bag of oranges $3.99

Bottle refund  -.40
meijer coupon for soups   -2.00
Total $7.31


2 loafs of bread (one not shown)  .99 each
Potato soup    $1.99
2 blocks of cheese $1.99 each
Oats   $2.39
Greek Yogurt $3.49
Garden salad $.99 
Deli sliced cheese $1.99
Sweetener $3.99
Raisin Bran Cereal $1,99
Almond Milk   $1.99
Celery  $1.19
2 cans of cashews $2.99
Garlic toast $1.79
2 gallons of whole milk $1.59 each
Total $36.52

Christmas Tree Shops- I received a gift card for Christmas so we didn't spend any money on this!  We usually wait till later in the month to spend this but they gave me a $5.00 coupon in my email for Monday only.

4- 2pk  D Batteries $1.39 each (we needed batteries for flashlights)
Coffee $12.99
Coffee $9.99
Pepperoni $3.99
Tootsie Roll Pops  $2.49
2 Mustards $.50 each
2 Fruit Snack $1.99
Gold fish Snack $3.99
Milk Chocolate Cherries $2.99
Total $43.75 (after $5.00 discount)
Our total -$0

Kroger (picture not shown)- I needed to get things to make an ice cream cake for a birthday.

Better made chips $2.00
2 liter of Peach pop $0.75 bottle deposit .10
small pie $1.00
grapefruit $1.50
Kraft dressing -free (free Friday download)
Turkey Hill Ice Cream  $2.99
Chocolate syrup $2.59
Boyarmr Drink -free (free Friday Download
Sara Pound Cake $3.99
bottle return -minus $7.80
Bottle return-minus $5.20
Total $3.66

Total for this week $47.49  (over $7.49 for this week)

Menu: What was on the table last week:  

What we had for Breakfast: We had Homemade cinnamon rolls (lasted for quite a few days), fried bologna, homemade donuts, and oatmeal.

Monday     Hot dogs,  potato chips

Tuesday     Hot dogs cut up in baked beans, cornbread, leftover corn, and leftover hash brown casserole

Wednesday Potato soup, grilled cheese 

Thursday    Homemade Pizza (I made one to freeze)

Friday         Out to eat (birthday dinner) 

Saturday     Leftover from out to eat

Sunday       Sourdough waffles, bacon, and eggs.  

For evening meal, snack:   We had salads, bologna sandwiches, bananas, and cinnamon rolls.

My goals for next week:

In and around the Home:

Organize, clean computer room for the second week.  My aim is to look through the filing cabinet. 

Start making another gift for my gift closet. 


Write a book review.

Share more on social media.  I didn't do as much as I would like last week so I'm aiming higher.  

What ways have you saved this past Week?  

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