Friday, February 24, 2017

This Week in Our Home: Spring Cleaning the closet, Gluten free Flour, and The Master Gardening Class!

I've been clearing out my husband's side of the closet.  One night he was watching basketball so I thought I had it made and sneaked in there to clear some out.  He came peaking around the corner and just has I started to see headway.  Probably a good thing, I think he realized how much he needed to get rid of!  That night we got filled three bagfuls of sweaters and sweatshirts.  Now we are blessed with a lot of hangers and we found that new jacket I bought him last year! 

I'm on to the pants and guess what...he isn't here right now!  😉

One of us needs to eat gluten free so I've been buying different products and trying them out.  I bought some Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour yesterday at Sam's.  I made my strawberry muffins with it this morning.   I'm so impressed -very close to the real thing!  Really I couldn't tell the difference.  I guess this is my little review (I wasn't compensated).

After a week off I headed back to the Master Gardening class.  This weeks class was about lawns.  He was a good speaker so I managed to stay awake and take away some good tidbits.   Like before you put down weed killers you might want to consider putting some more seed down.  The grass will hopefully over take the weeds.   We will be giving this a try in our backyard in late summer. 

Everyone perked up when he started talking about moles.  I don't think there was a person that didn't have moles in their yard or know of someone who did in the classroom.  Those mole tunnels can be a menace.  It basically boiled down to this for me -you probably have more moles if you have Kentucky Bluegrass in your yard.  So our cup runneth over here.  He gave some ideas for things that might or might not work and how to set the traps.  

How's your week been going?  

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