Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Do You Ever Wonder Why?

Just a fun little post on the why of things.   All of these have happen to me before.   Most of them have happen to me already this week! Why?

1.  Why do kids love the boxes more than the toys?

2.  Why do you always spill something just after you mop the floor? 

3.  Why when you fix one car you have to fix another?

4.  Why do you finally fall asleep just before you have to get up?

5.  Why do you get something to drink just after you stop at a rest area?

6.  Why on the worst hair day of your life do you run into someone you know at the store?

7.  Why does you husband mention donuts on the first day of your diet?

8. Why is the house always at it's worst when unexpected company comes?  

Just tell me why?

What why's can you think of?

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