Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How Prepared Are You for a Disaster?

At any given time we may be faced with a disaster big or small, natural or man-made, and helps if we are ready for it.  Take for instance, just last week, our part of Michigan was hit with 60 mile an hour wind gusts. The winds toppled down massive trees, knocking out power to some people for days.  This time our family was blessed. but we may face a disaster like this at any given time.  

I have been taking Patsy's from a Working pantry, Prepardness Class (online) for awhile and I impressed with the knowledge that I've learned. This class has definitely been an eye-opener for me. I quickly found out that I wasn't as prepared as I like to think of myself. Even after taking the class I still have a list I need to take care of.  I buy the extras to stock my pantry when it comes on sale and the budget allows but what I consider the essentials I fit in right away.  Things I never would have thought of without this class.  

I also loved how the class didn't scare me in anyway.  I just feel more secure knowing that I'm trying to help my family in case we need it.  

How prepared are you for a disaster?   Patsy is offering her class online once again in May.  Registration starts April 1 to the first 150 participants (it's free).  Consider taking the class is to help you and your family when a disaster strikes.  I'm glad I did!  

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