Friday, April 7, 2017

The Before and After Pictures of our Bedroom Remodel

Here is the before picture of our bedroom.  It had been a very long time since we last painted our walls and had new carpet. So long I don't want to think about it.  An update was needed in a very bad way. We needed new drywall put in because the walls were in terrible shape- we even hid the worse spot behind a mirror. 

We used to have a beautiful popcorn ceiling! 

Which really wouldn't have been too bad but you could see the tape marks underneath.  You can see that we also didn't have a light fixture.

The after picture. I feel like I'm in a different room.  I guess I am. 


We even have a light fixture now!  No more fumbling in the dark trying to find the lamp.  It will be great for our old age😌!  The bulbs that came with the light, brighten the room too much.  We took two out and have just one in there right now.   We keep forgetting to get new bulbs.  Maybe old age is here already!  

When we finally found a way to get this big entertainment center out of the room we were in a bind.  We had spent enough money where we didn't feel good about buying a new T.V. stand.     

We shopped in our living room and decided to use this extra end table for our temporary T.V. stand.  It's growing on us and it just may become permanent.

By the way I was amazed at the amount of stuff  junk we had stored in the old one.  Good thing garage sale season is almost here!  

This project took over 3 weeks and too much money to talk about. We decided to consider it our anniversary present to each other!

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