Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Joy of Spring!

Walking around the yard and discovering what has bloomed this Spring has put me in a joyful mood.  It's hard to pick a favorite of the Spring Blooms around my house.   If I did Bleeding hearts would have to be on top.   Although this year they are on the short side.  Still  they are putting on a great display.

When I look outside my bedroom window this is the tree I see.   I wanted to plant it there for shade in the summer.  It's working out perfect and the blooms are so pretty!  This is a purple plum tree.  I looked it up after someone asked.  Thank goodness it was in my garden book.   I can't believe it's been close to 5 years!  

My hyacinths came up so pretty and just in time for Easter.

My lettuce has all came up in my soil bag.   I can't wait till it's big enough to pick.  

The tulips are ready to open in my Mother's old washtub.   It's one of the things I just had to have of hers.  I remember it from when we were kids.  Makes a great planter!  

What's coming up in your Spring garden?   

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