Friday, April 28, 2017

This Week in Our Home: My Sometimes Crazy Week!

This has been the prettiest Spring we have had in awhile.   More blooms than I have ever seen!  Just makes me happy!  

We took the granddaughter to a little program at our nature preserve for the younger ones.  It was all about worms and we all went on a worm walk.   She just loved it. She loves to pose in front of a tree.  She thinks that's what they are for! 

Everything was going along good ...then I fell in a gopher hole.   Yep, I embarrass myself a lot!   Nothing was broken except my pride so that is a good thing!   

Then while I was at it I developed quite a stye in my eye this past week. It just kept getting bigger as the week progressed and was very painful.  I will spare you the pictures (I bet you are glad).  I did send a picture to my sister and it scared my brother in law though!

It seemed to feel better not to read or be on the computer much. Thank goodness it's on it's way down now and I have no more pain.

I took my last class for the Master Gardening Class. Now I'm working on the 100 question quiz.  Thank goodness we can use the book and we have two weeks to do it in (I hope though to get it done this weekend). 

When I hand in my quiz (and pass) I can start volunteering for projects that were presented at the class. I was so impressed with them that I signed up for a lot.  I imagine that I'll have to choose which ones I love to work at the most.  Such worthy causes that I want to help them all!  

How's everything going at your house?

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