Thursday, June 29, 2017

DIY: How to Repair A Window Screen

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Hole in Screen

My daughter's window screen started out with a small hole that quickly became quite large with the help of her cat.  He almost had his escape route finished! She showed it to me and said where do I take this to be repaired?  It's amazing how much a hardware store can charge for a window screen repair.  I told her I had all the tools already and I would do it for her. Some 20 and some odd years ago I watched a diy show on how to fix screens. I decided right then that this was a diy I could do without a problem. With multiple screens to repair when we first moved in, this quickly became a money saver for us!  

You will need: 


A roll of Screening  (I was able to purchase two whole rolls of screening at a garage sale for $1.00)!

screen rolling tool

Scissors, box cutter, and new spline if needed.   They actually recommend that you use new spline (spline is the rubber seal that goes around the screen).  I decided though the spline looked good enough to me.

take off spline from screen

The first job is to take off the spline seal around old screen. 

Then take the old screen and use it to measure the new screen.   Make sure to cut a little extra.  Don't worry you can cut this off later.

Use screen rolling tool to put spine in the groove.

Remember that screen rolling tool?   This is what you use to press the spline back in the groove.  Roll tightly all the way around.   

Use box cutter to cut off extra screen

Trim around edges with a box cutter.   This always prompts my husband to give me the "be careful" instructions.  Hold tool away from you..etc.    Maybe you can use scissors if need be.  

screen repaired

Then you done and you can reinstall the screen.   

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