Saturday, June 3, 2017

Stopping the Leftover Madness!

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Leftovers are a tricky thing.  No one really wants them sometimes.   For instance, this past week I knew no one really wanted that leftover meatloaf.   I knew I couldn't even try to force anyone to have a meatloaf sandwich.  Not that the meatloaf was bad, it was just over and done with.  I suspected they all wanted something else when my husband planned dinner for the next day and meatloaf wasn't involved.  Yep, they all wanted something new and exciting for dinner.

So, the poor meatloaf was going to sit in the refrigerator and play the waiting game.  You know the one.  The one were you think you will give it another chance of life.  You think just one more day and someone will eat it or I'll make it the center of attention again. Then your day limit is over and in the trash it goes.

I decided to stop the leftover madness right then and there.  So, I chopped up the meatloaf and made it into a tator tot casserole, then put in the freezer. We had it for dinner last week and it was a leftover success!  No one even knew suspected that there was meatloaf lurking in that casserole.

Then I took notice of the small things:

I'm the only one here for breakfast that loves french toast in this household, Can you imagine?  So, it rarely gets made but when I do I cut the recipe down so there isn't too much of the egg mixture leftover to pour down the drain.  This week I made the mixture into scrambled eggs to enjoy on the side.  

We had wonderful BLT's one day for dinner.  We always have leftover lettuce and tomato after we are done making our sandwiches.  With a little added cheese the leftovers made a wonderful salad to enjoy later that day. We even had a little bacon to crumble and sprinkle on top. Perfect!  

What did you do with your leftovers this week?

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