Friday, July 14, 2017

Ode to the Deer

Going out to see the damage every morning in the garden caused by deer as been very sad. The deer seem to think we've made that garden just for them. Hoping to scare them off  I have put out banging pie pans through out the garden, used light, and a fake owl. The reach of these things though can only go so far and the deer are very smart. So, this morning I have decided to let off some steam and laugh a little at it all.  Please bear with me as I publish my first rhyme. 

Ode to the Deer 
 (not sure if this title makes sense but it sounds good).  

Night after night you stroll alone, back to the little garden of eating.
Just maybe you could get together with friends and have a little meeting,
The talk could be about the next week's Summer garden tour,
What a captivating and delicious meeting that would be, for sure!

They all would laugh at that fake owl and the pans banging,
That the silly gardener has just everywhere hanging.
I'm sure though they would just love those greens,
Especially the ones on top of the beans!

Uh oh what's that scary light?
It wasn't there the other night!  
Time to go, time to fly,
Until another night, bye!  

The Silly Gardener:

The last few nights we have seen fewer signs of deer.
They haven't been in the garden or even near.
Maybe it the pans or the addition of the light. 
It could have been that thunderstorm the other night.  

Have you had any problems with animals in your garden this year?  

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