Friday, October 6, 2017

Wonder Woman I'm Not: Sometimes you Just Can't Do it all

This week something happened to make me remember I'm not wonder woman.  I got out of bed  a little too fast one morning and my knee twisted.  I've been laid up here here with ice packs and resting while staring at tomatoes that need to be canned. The last few days the swelling has went down. the pain has subsided and I'm finally back to doing half of what I usually can do.  God has reminded me once again that I'm not Wonder Woman.    

If you read many homemaking blogs or watch you tube somewhere along the way you start to think your lazy (or you have a twisted knee).  These people are making bread, crafting, canning, hanging laundry, clipping coupons, making their own laundry products, tending a perfect garden, or cleaning, it seems like every cotton picking minute of the day.  I used to ask myself, "Why can't you get it all done like they can?"    I want to let you know a little secret that will help keep you sane, You just can't do it all.  Nope there is no way you can do all that and not fall over unless you have a nanny, lawn mowing service, gardener, and a maid. Just saying from years of experience. 

Okay, it may seem like I'm doing it all when you read my posts about canning.  I admit I love to can when the garden is harvested.  All that wonderful produce we've grown gets sealed up in a pretty canning jar, ready for winter eating.  Now really, there is a sacrifice I do pay when I can... something else usually doesn't get done.  That day there will probably be no sewing, no dusting,  dinner served (if you get one) will be leftovers or an easy meal. and definitely no laundry products will be made.   Okay I don't make laundry products.  I like to buy mine on sale, then use it sparingly (remember you just can't do it all).

I love to break up a project too.  It helps to not have to spend the whole day trying to get a project done.  For example,  I'll pick tomatoes the night before I can or I'll just weed a row a day in the garden.  Life gets complicated sometimes and this has been my best solution to there is not enough time in the day.  

I also love to do what projects I have in the morning before I lose steam or something happens in my life to stop me.  There is always something happening in my life.   I just need some time before the calamities start to happen to get things done.  You just never know what the day will bring, unless of course it happens first thing in the morning when you jump out of the bed!

Do you feel like you just can't do it all?  Do you have any tips to help get it done?  

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