Saturday, November 25, 2017

What's Been Happening at Our House: Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Wonderful, restful Thanksgiving!  

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Ours was kind of laid back and that was perfect!  We actually had many people take a nap except for the little one and she was just not having it.  The baby dolls were needing her attention immediately.  She is so fun to watch, she will cry for them and then run grab a bottle to feed them. 

I'm so glad I was able to make so much food ahead.  I will do more cooking ahead next year!  You just never know what might get in the way of a holiday.  Stupid cold.  I'm glad I'm on the backside. 

Black Friday 

We were some of those people that went Black Friday shopping yesterday.   I guess I'm one of those people that need to see my bargains, as the newscaster said.  We went to only one store and that was Menard's. We went an hour and half late and managed to find a parking space, grab a cart from someone as they loaded their car, and then find everything on our list (you need to have a list).  Among the gifts we also bought much needed things for our home including Flannel pants for $10 for my husband, two pillows badly needed (I slept so good last night),  candy (ok we really, really don't need this but they always carry that old fashioned hard candy that we love),  manly tools,  and tissues (I needed to blow my nose, forgot my tissues and they had a deal).  

Then we got in line and waited for an hour and half. It really didn't seem too bad because they had us snaking around the store. It was kind of like waiting in line at Disney World. As long as we are moving we are good. We also took turns leaving the line and looking around the store some more for hidden bargains.

We were kind of sad at one point thinking that we had missed the baby doll that laughs and giggles.  As we were waiting we ran into a store employee taking things back from the aisles and he found us one.  It was small but really cute.  She will love it.

This morning

I pressed the button on the oven last night and cleaned it out this morning.  Now, I'm ready for Christmas!  

Did you go Black Friday shopping?

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