Saturday, November 4, 2017

What's Happening at Our House: Old coupons, Youtube, Waffles, and Ducks

Pop is bringing the children to our house this morning.  While he is gone I've been making waffles so they will be ready when they walk in the door.  

I'm not sure why I never watched much of it before, but I'm now hooked on Youtube.  Really I thought it was more DIY  tractor videos (ha ha) but now I've got hooked on some Vlogs that I really like.  They are mostly of some frugal people just  like me .  One of my favorite is Sounds like Reign and that's where I got this recipe for healthy waffles.  I have to get up and down as I write this to make sure they don't burn!  Be sure to listen to the last part of the vlog it has a really great message.  

I went to a used book sale at the library yesterday and found a great cookbook for pies.   The book was printed in 1965 and this coupon was in it.  I thought it was a neat find, just 5 cents off.  Worth it back then I'm sure.  

We went for a walk to the lake and I was surprised to see the ducks still swimming around.  It was a lovely warm day and we had a great walk.  The weather is going up and down every day.  We just take the nice days when they come!  

Well I feel like I'm on borrowed time as the sun is up and I'm sure he will be back soon with them.     

How's everything going at your house?

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