Saturday, January 20, 2018

This Week's Grocery Shopping Trip on No Spend January 1/20/18!

Menard's what can I say -we were going to stay out of it but then the husband wanted to buy the coffee that was such a good deal.  So, we agreed to go and just buy groceries. Oh, he could look but no buying that tool that he just had to have! They had a 11% off and it ended on Saturday so we took off last Saturday night.  What can I say, we had a little bit of the munchies!  


Victor Allen Coffee 80 count    $18.88
Eggs 4 at .99 cents a dozen (a great hint to buy them here from one of the ladies in a Facebook group that I belong to) (thanks!)
Toblerone bar  2      $2.00
Chocolate covered raisins 2 $2.00
Yellow Mustard $1.38  (Aldi's has it cheaper but I keep forgetting)
Ice Oatmeal cookies  $1.49
Root Beer Barrels   $1.49

Total  $31.20

After 11% rebate that I mailed in-  $27.95 (this is what I'm going to count) 😉

Going grocery shopping so early in the week made me hold back and not shop again till mid week.  Then it was became necessary because the grandchildren were out of bologna, the husband was out of crackers, the baby out of milk, and I needed some relaxing tea!


Navel oranges   $3.49
box of crackers  .75
Garden salad       .89
Almond milk   $1.99
Sour Cream      .99
Tea bags            $1.89
2 gallons of whole milk $1.78 each
Baking Soda         .49
Tomatoes   $1.49
Lettuce   $.97
Bananas  .84

Total $17.35


Bologna $4.79
Bakery donuts $1.29 (1/2 dozen)  (day old -but the best donuts ever)
-$5.70 for bottle return

Total  .38

A little over again-  $5.68

How did you do grocery shopping this week?

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