Thursday, January 4, 2018

What's keeping Me Busy this Week 1/4/18!

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It's been a very cold week so far in our part of Michigan.  We have all had to come up with things to keep us busy inside.   We do manage to venture out but we run inside when we get there!  

So here is what's keeping me busy this week:

I've been reading:

The Captive Brides Collection: 9 Stories of Great Challenges Overcome through Great Love by [AlLee, Jennifer, Breidenbach, Angela, Davis, Susan Page, Franklin, Darlene, Hall, Patty Smith, Hickey, Cynthia, Pagels, Carrie Fancett, Thompson, Lucy, Welborn, Gina]

The Captive Brides Collection: 9 Stories of Great Challenges Overcome through Great Love 

Right now I'm reading the Captive Brides Collection.  There are 9 great stories in this book and I'm halfway through. So there will be no book review this week.  I read a story I think everyday and I'm loving it! 

I received this book from one the authors.  It has beautiful rugged pages and wonderful art inside.  The Kindle is great but it's nice to hold a book like this in your hands.  

I wish I could count each one of these stories for my Goodreads book challenge of 60 books but I guess really it's just one big book.  

What I've been Sewing:

Every morning I make sure I sew about 20 minutes before everything goes wild in the house.  Sometimes the preparation takes all of that time!  Maybe it's the cold but for some reason this morning it took me 15 minutes just to wind up a bobbin!  

So far this week  I've been finishing one of these clothes pin bags, sewn up the husband's pants pockets again (I found 40 cents for my trouble), and made 2 washcloths from a half hand towel that was leftover from another project.  

I've been shopping carefully!  

I watching my pennies this month on the no spend January we are following.  I'm shopping two stores this week to get the best grocery deals for our budget of $40 a week.  I'm going to shop at Kroger on Saturday morning to make sure I get the cheese on sale for .99  and some other things.  I'll post how I did grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon.  Just a hint: so far I have stocked up this week on canned soup!

Things I'm having trouble with:

I know I should be more prepared but I'm stuck as to what to get my husband for his birthday.  It's hard when our birthdays are so close to Christmas.  I mean I've used up all my ideas already! Let's just say too that men are hard to buy for.  Yep, the easy flower thing just doesn't work.  

So far I've thought about a new sweatshirt but all I can find is hoodies.  We have gave him those before and they look nice hanging in his part of the closet.    

The other thing I thought about is a gift certificate to go along with the one my daughter gave him for Olive Garden.  It will make enough to cover the bill (for me and him).  He loves Italian.  I think this is a winner for part of the gift but I want a little more to make it special.   

Beyond this though I'm just stumped.  What do you get your husband for his birthday? 

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