Sunday, February 18, 2018

What We've Been up too!

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Sometimes chaos happens here!    

We have grandchildren and some crazy stuff happens sometimes.  You know how that can be.  My granddaughter loves to run and hide from her Mom when it is time to go home. She thinks it's a great game and it's fun.  She ran in the computer room and before we could grab her, slammed the door and locked herself in.  She didn't know how to unlock the door so we had a problem.  We tried to pick the lock but we had no luck so Pop was called in.  He couldn't pick the lock either so it was taken off completely.  The whole time this poor baby was crying and then.. she threw up.  Yep, she was just so upset.  I'm sure what was just a few minutes must of seemed like hours to her.  Anyway, we have a new door knob that we can pick with a butter knife now and she has been given lessons in unlocking the door.  I'm glad my steam cleaner works good and that we had $8.00 to spare for a new door knob.  We can always be thankful for something. 

This beautiful snow well it's just about all gone.   We are getting another warm break and it's nice not to be walking around in heavy boots.  I still find myself lifting my feet up too high (ha ha).  We did get about an inch this morning so it's still winter. 

I have a root!  Yep one of my sweet potatoes has a root growing out of it.  Maybe soon I will see some from the other two.  My youngest saw me staring at the potatoes and said I needed a life.  I told her she didn't know the fun she was missing out on!  

What am I reading?  

Phoebe's Light (Nantucket Legacy Book #1) by [Fisher, Suzanne Woods]

Suzanne Woods Fischer newest book,  Phoebe's Light,  has been in my hands most of the weekend so far. I can't put it down.  I'm mostly done except for the questions at the end that I'm going through now.  Funny how I don't usually pay attention to the questions but I'm truly interested in these.  My review for the blog tour will be posted on Thursday!

Have a great Sunday!   I'll get back to my frugality post next week.  This week has just been too heartbreaking with the recent events in Florida.  I just can't imagine the pain.  My prayers are with the victims families.   


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