Saturday, June 30, 2018

My Flower and Vegetable Garden Tour June 2018

The flower and vegetable gardens have both really taken off since I've planted them the last of May.  We have had both extreme heat (today will be close to 100) and cool Spring like weather.  Through it all, we have had some great garden rain.  

I'll start with my favorite flowers right now that are blooming:  

My first Clematis bloom growing on my arbor.  Right now the vine is a little more than 1/4 up the arbor.  

Here is my first bloom of  the Astor flowers that I winter sown.  It looks like the rest have blossom heads and will be blooming soon.

On to the veggie garden! 

The overall view.  Tomatoes are blooming, rattle snake beans are climbing up the poles, and I hilled the potatoes a little last night.  

The white rope explanation: deer deterrent.  Is it working?  After we made most of it higher, yes we think it is! The deer got a few bites before we decided to do that last week. The kids toys kind of shock him too especially when we move them around.  Time will tell if all our efforts will pay off and I'll let you know how it goes this year.

More garden views:

Corn needs to be knee high by the Fourth of July so we are good!  Corn doesn't usually grow well for me but I thought I would try it for the grand kids.  I'll let them pick it if it grows well.  

The Living and dying in the garden:  

It was a sad day when the lettuce bolted because of the heat. We made so many salads out of this patch it was unbelievable.  All winter sown too.  I see the seed heads so I'll harvest the seeds and plant again later in the summer.  

My first tomatoes on the vine this year.  I believe these are Early girls. After walking through the tomato rows I smell like a tomato.  I love that smell!  

How's your garden growing?  

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