Monday, July 2, 2018

Menu for this Week 7/2/18!

I didn't try the spaghetti squash last week, we had zucchini noodles instead.   We went to the grocery store and there were so many people there I felt lucky to have found the zucchini.   Then I didn't feel so lucky when I realized the price.  Just for the zucchini alone it cost me $5.00 and it was barely enough.  He really liked it though so really it's priceless.  I think he was shocked that it tasted so good.  For once I want that zucchini to never quit producing in the garden!  I'm still going to try that spaghetti squash.  

It's been too hot to grill.   I can't believe I said that but it's true.  Oh I've grilled but I run out flip and run back inside.  Even with doing that I think I might have got overheated yesterday.   Today it will be sandwiches.  Make sure to stay cool!  

Menu for this week:

Monday            Tuna fish lettuce wraps and baked sweet potato 

Tuesday             Out to eat

Wednesday       BBQ ribs, roasted potatoes, green beans 🎆

Thursday          Rosemary and Thyme Grilled chicken and salad  (we opted for hamburgers and hot dogs last week).

Friday              Grilled Hassle-back Fajita Stuffed Chicken with roasted sweet potatoes

Saturday           Leftovers

Sunday             Hamburgers

What's on your menu?  

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