Friday, September 7, 2018

Book Review: Her Fear by Shelly Shepard Gray

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Her Fear: The Amish of Hart County by [Gray, Shelley Shepard]

Her Fear: The Amish of Hart County

From Amazon:

In New York Times bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray’s latest novel of suspense in her Amish of Hart County series, an EMT falls for a woman with ties to an Amish community where people are dying similar, suspicious deaths.
Sadie Detweiler never imagined she’d move to Kentucky, yet here she is: a pregnant, unmarried Amish girl banished by unforgiving parents to live with kin she barely knows. The men are gruff and her cousins are secretive. Worst of all, elderly matriarch Verba becomes mysteriously ill shortly after Sadie moves in. When EMT Noah Freeman arrives, Sadie immediately notices he’s unlike any other Amish man she’s met. Noah is warm, confident, and has an easy way with practically everyone in the community, both Amish and English. Though Sadie is drawn to him, she has little hope he will reciprocate her feelings once he learns she’s with child.
Noah can’t understand how a girl as sweet and lovely as Sadie ended up sleeping on a cot in Verba Stauffer’s kitchen. He also senses Sadie is terrified of something. Concerned, he checks up on her. Eventually they strike up a friendship and soon their attraction is undeniable. When Verba later dies at the hospital and her death is followed by two others, Noah’s boss wants him to dig around the Amish community for clues. He agrees—for Sadie’s sake—because only the truth will keep her safe and by his side.

My thoughts:

Her Fear touched the many things I love in an Amish book, romance and mystery, but it also touched on things I'm not used to reading about in Amish fiction novels.  It brought a different feel to a people we sometimes put on a pedestal. They are not perfect people and this book reminds me of this fact.

I was impressed with the character Noah and how he went above the call of duty to help.  He generally cared about all people and looked to help anyway he could, without losing any ones trust. His family seemed loving and kind also.

The descriptions are what made this book. Your right there in the buggy, your following the ambulance, your in the hospital, your scared, alone, and lonely for your people that don't want you.  It was that good.  

A great great read!  

I was given this book but was not required to write a positive review.

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