Sunday, September 2, 2018

My Frugal Ways for the Past Two Weeks 9/2/18!

There is a lot of harvesting going on right now in our garden.  This morning though we are experiencing a thunderstorm so it will have to be later on today before we can get in the garden to pick some more beans.

Just about every other day I go out and pick a handful of  Blackberries.   I eat a few and then freeze the rest so I can make blackberry jelly this winter.

We decided we needed more blackberry bushes so I started a few more from the old vines.  

Froze cherry tomatoes (thanks Lorna for the hint).

Canned more tomatoes and green beans.  I also dried a few green beans in the dehydrator.  

Picked spaghetti squash and cooked then froze the insides.  We finally got to try some and it was delicious!  

I won tickets for Thomas the Tank Engine at our local historical village.  My daughter had already bought two so that meant with the four I won, everyone got to go (including my visiting sister).

We let the kids play and we had a good visit in one of the old homes that had been restored.   We visited one house twice.  The first time the volunteer lady was sewing a quilt on a treadle sewing machine and then the next time she was making a rug.  We decided we wanted to be like her and live in that house!  

I picked zinnias from my garden for bouquets on the dresser and on our kitchen table.  My sister thought they were fake.  Love that!  

I won 3 first places and two thirds at the county fair!  So exciting!  

We bought 12 pounds of hamburger on sale at Meijer this weekend for $1.59 a pound.  This time I've cooked and froze it.  I freeze one pound of cooked hamburger in each bag and they are ready to use in a meal.  I cook the hamburger in my crock pot so I can do other things while it's cooking too.  It makes less mess too!  

My Goals:

Continue harvesting the garden.

What are the ways you saved this week?

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