Monday, September 17, 2018

My Menu Plan for This Week 9/17/18!

Menu Plan for this Week 9/10/18

We have ran into a couple of great warm/hot days so husband will be out smoking jerky today.  We love to take jerky on our Fall trips and he will make enough today to last us through till Winter.  I ran into a good deal yesterday at Meijer for whole chicken and pork chops.  He said he will have enough room for the chicken in the smoker but the pork chops he is not so sure.   I'll pan fry them on Wednesday if he can't fit them in.  I'm so glad he is helping with dinner today!  

Monday            Smoked chicken, fried cabbage. and mustard greens

Here is our smoked chicken:

The best chicken I've ever had!  

Tuesday            Smoked chicken fajitas (on a low carb wrap)- onions, tomatoes, and peppers from the garden

Wednesday       Pork chops, green beans and mustard greens

Thursday          Leftovers  (hopefully I'll be canning mustard greens today)
Friday               Spaghetti

Saturday           Pizza (either a casserole or a low carb pizza crust)

Sunday             Easy Hamburger Steak and a salad (I didn't cook this last week)

What's on your menu?  
Need Help Planning your Menu? 

7 Tips that Will Help Make Meal Planning a Breeze!

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