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My Thanksgiving Story and My Grocery shopping Total this Week 11/24/18!

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I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!   Now that's it's over I feel kind of free to tell you what happened here.   Daughter gave us a big bird.  I'm talking 25 pounds!   Did she tell me? ...she said she did so I'll believe her.  I'm getting old I guess.  She got it free for being a curbside customer at Kroger.  So anyway,  I went to her house on Sunday night and said I better go and grab that turkey.   I picked it up and realized I'd made a big mistake out in thawing time.   Yep.

Wednesday night it was mostly thawed but I thought I should leave it out for a little while.  This was not the best thawing strategy but I was tired from all the cooking and cleaning and not thinking straight.    I do not recommend this.  Well, the tale only gets worse though.  Husband said  I'll put it back in the fridge when I go to bed  in about an hour.   At  330 a.m. he kind of jumped up out of bed and said "did I put the turkey in the fridge?"   No hun you did not.  There it was in all it's glory out on the counter in a roasting pan.  

I never did go back to sleep thinking how I was going to solve this problem of not having a turkey that would kill us.  There was no way I was going to chance cooking that bacteria laden turkey.   Yeah, I freaked out.  

At 6 a.m. after scrapping the windshield and warming up my car I ventured out to Meijers and two Krogers.   I know people would say he should have done that but it's okay, I wanted a turkey.   He's a good man but I couldn't take the chance on him anymore.  I mean this was the big turkey day.  Sniffling after the second store, I called home to tell him there were no fresh turkeys anywhere.   He said get ham.  Really ham with turkey dressing?  So I decided to try one last Kroger.  I peeked into the freezer section and saw it, my Thanksgiving turkey!  Okay it was a turkey breast.  It came in a roasting bag and you just put it in the oven.  No thawing needed.   I was blessed again.  Okay I was out $20 for two packages of 3 lb turkey but I was blessed.   

It was a good turkey and a good story to remember!  Thanks Butterball!  

If you have never read my grocery totals before here is a little Information:

I want to keep our grocery budget at $100.00. I always forget to clarify how many people live here permanently and who we have her to babysit.   We have 3 people that live here (youngest daughter buys some of her groceries) and we babysit two grandchildren (although now they will be in school most days).

We also want to eat healthy so our grocery bill is a little higher than we are used to.  Like my husband says, "our health is our wealth."


2 Cornbread Mix $1.29 ea
unbleached flour $1.49
2 Sweeteners $3.89 ea
Bread $1.79
Gluten free bread $3.89
3 Advance bars $4.99 each
2 Pretty Napkins .88 each
4 Butter $1.99 ea
Bananas $1.19
2 cases of water $1.99 ea
Turkey snack sticks $3.49
Powered sugar .95
Liver Cheese $2.29
4 lb sugar $1.19
3 cream cheese .69 each
Deli lunchmeat $2.99
38 oz ketchup 99
3 gallons of Milk $1.98 ea
Coffee $4.29
Cottage Cheese $1.49
2 Peanuts $1.89 each
Box of crackers $1.89
Fruit Snacks $3.99

-bottle return $3.80
Total $84.33

Two 3 pound turkey breast -priceless (okay $20)

Total $104.33

How did you do grocery shopping this week?

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