Friday, December 28, 2018

Book Review: Kappy King and the Pie Kaper (An Amish Mystery Book 3) by Amy Lillard

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Kappy King and the Pie Kaper (An Amish Mystery Book 3) by [Lillard, Amy]

Kappy King and the Pie Kaper (An Amish Mystery Book 3)

Kathryn “Kappy” King’s skill at making kapps for the Amish women of Blue Sky, Pennsylvania, is unparalleled. But she’s also dangerously good at discovering dark truths beneath this peaceful valley …
When an “accident” puts beloved bishop's wife Alma Miller in a coma, many in Blue Sky are quick to blame struggling widow Frannie Lehman. Both women are the best bakers around, but for years Alma’s boysenberry pies have been more award-winning—and profitable—than Frannie’s. And with Alma out of this fall’s county festival, Frannie’s pie finally wins first prize. But when Alma dies and Frannie’s children fall victim to gossip and bullying, Kappy is determined to uncover the real truth.
Soon Kappy and her outcast friend Edie have their hands full of odd clues. What do Alma’s strange last words mean? Why would someone break into her house just to steal a quilt? Who is the mysterious new piemaker in town—and why is she still in Blue Sky after losing the festival competition? When long-buried family secrets and contested legacies start getting into the mix, Kappy and Edie must work fast before another victim gets a deadly pie in the face …

My thoughts:

The plots have been great in the Kappy King Series!  Each one has a unique twist and there is enough fun, romance, and murder mystery to keep you turning the pages. 

This has been such a great series and I've become to love all the characters.  I'm always rooting for Jimmy as he tries to expand his horizons. With Kappy intervening here and there, I have hope that more might be possible for him.  

I also love reading about friends Eddie and Kappy and the situations they get into. Always there is a touch of romance in each book and it leaves you hoping for them both.  

A great read!  

I received a copy of this book from the author but I was not required to leave a positive review.  

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