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My Frugal Ways this Past Week 1/13/19!

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Even though we have not had any significant snow yet this winter, at times it's been so cold we can not work outside.  We are keeping busy with some indoor projects that will not be able to get done once Spring hits. So here are some of the things we are doing to stay busy this winter:  

It hit me the other day that I have something a 100 years old in my house.   We aren't usually into antiques but this treadle machine looks so pretty and unique that it's now become a treasure. We found it back in the summer at an estate sale for $30.00. I can't wait till it's finished and I can try it out. Really, I think I should have been born in the late 1800's.  

Everyday one of us goes into the room to work on it.  We have conquered putting on a belt (ok husband has learned this new skill), I've oiled, he's oiled, and I've used all the Murphy's Oil Soap I had under my sink.  One thing I realized pretty quickly, is that you should not left up the sewing machine while the belt is on to clean underneath it (husband was not happy to redo the belt).  

He had to replace one missing screw on the base, replaced the belt (we ordered that in December), and bought an updated manual.  We found many helpful things in the drawers like the original instructional manual,  3 in 1 oil, many different foots, and the missing  metal piece that went on top. Oh, I almost forgot I found a nut.  Yep, some animal had squirreled away a nut inside on of the compartments.  I imagine they stored Grandmas machine in an attic or outside in a barn.   

If you are wondering how we are finding this information to do all this, we have looked on youtube, read the instruction manual (I can't believe that it came with it's original manual), and we bought a updated manual
Complete Guide To Treadle Sewing Machines by [Doyle, Reuben]

Complete Guide To Treadle Sewing Machines

I have also been learning how to knit.  The knitting has been slow and believe me at times it has not been easy or pretty.  I ripped out many rows this past week when I realized my 33 stitches across somehow had turned into 45.  Thanks to some great advice on The Tuesday Afternoon Club, I've since learn to make sure to count my stitches every few rows.  Catch that mistake before I get too far. Still though, my stitching is not as even as I would like it.  Actually, despair sit in at one point and  I was done with making a scarf and thought about trying something smaller but in the end I decided to keep  at it.  It's given me a lot of practice and by the time I'm done I hope my tension will be better.  By the way in case you missed my announcement on on Facebook last week, you can also join Annabel's Tuesday group and show some projects that you've been doing and to learn from others.

Other ways we saved this week:

We went to a free Paw Patrol Story hour and they passed out free scholastic books for the kids at the end.   Grand daughter had a blast with the music.  

Stayed within our food budget.  Everything is more detailed in this post.  

We went to Burger King and used the swagbucks $5 gift card.  We only spent $5.00 more on two whopper meals with cheese and onion rings. 

Goals for this week:

Finish up working on the sewing machine.   The treadle and needle are working but I need to learn how to thread and run a bobbin.    I'm pretty sure that this will bring more troubles but really it's all been a fun learning experience.

The rest of the time I want to continue to knit, sew a pocket on the apron I made, and start learning that mandolin.   Staying busy is the key!  

What are the ways you've saved this past week?

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