Tuesday, January 8, 2019

No/Low Spend January Menu so Far this Week and How much I Have Left of My Twenty Dollars this Week!

It seems like we are menu planning as each day goes by during this No/Low spend January.  I've just been think about what's in the freezer and how I can use it up wisely.  I don't want to empty my freezer at all I just want to make good use out of whats there.  We have even bought a little meat with our weekly grocery budget this week.  I'll tell you more about that later.  

Here is what we have had so far for both breakfast and dinner menus.   In between and after dinner we snack.   


Breakfast:   Egg and ham breakfast burritos  (made ahead frozen meal) for me.   I surprised him with honey buns for his birthday.  There were six in the package and our daughter had one too.   I took some to the grandkids on Monday and that made them very happy. There is one left and it's in the car right now.  It was too cold for anyone to go out and get it last night so I'll half it between the grandkids this morning.  Then just like that they are gone.  Wait ...that only adds up to 5.  OK someone had two, ha ha!  

Dinner:  I cooked a whole chicken in the crockpot.   I love these!  They come out falling apart and are so delicious.  I usually just put some butter on top of it before I cook it with rosemary and thyme mixed in.   I made green beans and mustard greens for sides.   


Breakfast:   I was up late and had to get on a roll to take grandchildren to school.  I grabbed a made ahead frozen waffle and put it in the microwave.  I ate that while the car was warming up and my coffee was making.  I'm not sure what he had but now that I'm thinking about it I bet he got the other honey bun!  I won't say anything, but that's funny!  

Dinner:   Using up that chicken now was on my mind.  I decided on chicken, bacon, and cheese sandwiches with lettuce and tomato.   I made the bacon in the oven on cooking sheets.   

The thing about that bacon you see, it was a great price but it just shrinks up to nothing.  It's very delicious though but you need a lot.  So it took 2 packages for sandwiches for dinner for 3 of us and we had a little leftover.    


Breakfast:   A BLT for him this morning with the leftover bacon.  I'm having oatmeal with blueberries (blueberries were frozen this past summer).

Dinner:     I plan on making chicken lasagna.    I'm thinking slice up the rest of the cooked chicken, put in zucchini noodles from the freezer, and put in some spaghetti sauce.  Toss cheese on top and bake till brown.   Should be good..we will see.   Now that the chicken will be over I'm dreaming up tomorrow's dinner. 


I do have tomorrow all planned out.  We will be having resturant leftovers from his out to eat birthday dinner.   I will make a salad and baked potato.  

I'll update you more on dinner menus later on this week.   

What have I spent my $20 on so far?

We paid ourselves Saturday $20 just before we went to our favorite music store.  I spent $13 on a Mandolin book for seniors (I can't be a senior).  While I was waiting for my husband to play some a lot of  the banjos, I walked down in the sunshine to the nearest pizza place and bought a tea for $3.00.   It was good but $3 seemed like a lot when you only have $20.  After we got back daughter said oh yeah Mom, I have some mandolin books I can give you.

I'm down to $4.00 and I can see it disappearing right before my eyes. The grand boy will need a donut on his half day later on this week.  It's a tradition we've started and he loves it.  We sit and just watch people come in the donut shop while he enjoys a chocolate creme stick and chocolate milk.  If we can get little granddaughter up she can come too. I'm pretty sure that she will open her eyes when she hears donuts.  I figure $2.00 for two donuts (they are big) and then the chocolate milk will take up the rest.  I will not have one...they are like a big sugary meal.   Delicious!  

I don't know what he has spent his $20 on so far.  He hasn't said anything about being broke so he must be good.  

As a side note -I cleaned my purse and found $4.00 or more in change.  It went in the piggy bank that I may have to rob later this month. 
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