Sunday, February 17, 2019

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 2/17/19!

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It finally warmed up here enough that I felt the grand kids could go out to play without freezing.  We took them on a little snowy four wheel ride and then we took them sledding the next night.   They had the best time and were completely exhausted.  Perfect!  

This week I have had a few surprises and it was so fun.   I won 4 tickets to see a children's play that I took my granddaughter to yesterday.   It was so cute and we had a great time.  

My biggest win came from our local car show that we went to.  They have a lot of vendors with giveaways and I made sure to enter them all.  It paid off because I actually won a car starter!  Our van's car starter quit about a year ago. It's been so nice these past few days to just click to start the car from inside a warm house.  I mean we have done without one for a year but there is such a  joy in staying warm inside now. Installation was included but we paid for the door locking mechanism.  Total spent was around $33.00.

When we went to the car show we paid $16.00 for both of us to get in and $5.00 for parking.   We felt like we got a lot of that back with all the freebies they were giving out.   Here are the ones I can remember:  two large snow/ice scrapers for the car, multiple little canisters of sanitizing hand wipes,  lots of wrap around can cooler things,  some kind of moist towels that work like magic to clean off everything it seems in your house (I'm buying a big tub soon -from O Rally's), bottles of car wash, and  little bags of Kleenex.  

I made yogurt.

I dried banana chips in the dehydrator.  

I winter sowed 10 more jugs this past week.

My goals for this week:

Winter sow more jugs.  I need to sew peppers, more tomatoes, marigolds, and lettuce.  I also need to buy more potting soil.  

Finish stenciling the last pull out drawer of the pantry using the stencils I was sent from Stencil Revolution for my honest review.  This hasn't been hard but I find it's like one thing led to another and I'm working on the whole pantry!  I'm at the finish line now so it will be done in a few days.  I'm excited to show you the complete finish with my review!    Here is a peek:

What are the ways you've saved this past week?

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Cheryl Kimbley said...

WOW great going on the freebies and wins from the car show. That is fantastic. Sounds like a lot of fun with the grandkids.
I love the stenciling - that is really pretty.
Have a good week. Stay warm!

Little Penpen said...

What a great week.... the four wheeler on the snow looks FUN! Congrats! on the freebies... you are so lucky.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Thanks Cheryl, That stenciling is so easy and it makes it look so pretty! You stay warm too!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

This week has been so fun..of course now I want to win more ha ha!
Have a great day!

Lana said...

Those grandchildren look like they are having a great time! Congratulations on your winnings!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

They did have a lot of fun, Lana! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Vickie sounds like the car show was a lot of fun and fantastic you won the starter and got all the freebies and won play tickets too. Looks like you and your DH and the grandchildren had a lot of fun :).

My goals this week are to list more handmade items from my craft room that aren't listed in my eBay store. There are quite a few I have to do and as I always say if they aren't listed they won't sell.

Our saving last week added up to $348 -

Blessings -

- We were gifted 3 dozen eggs from a friend who had to many.
- Another friend gave me quite a few figs from her tree as she had to many. They have been my fruit for most of the week.

In the kitchen -

- Made a cheesecake with cream cheese purchased on special and lemon juice we froze from gifted lemons saving us $69.48 over purchasing one of equivalent quality in the shops.

House organisation and maintenance -

- DH replaced flyscreen in a door and window and removed chicken wire from a garden bed we are removing saving $125 over hiring a tradesman to do it for us.
- I cleaned half of the homes glass windows and doors inside and out.

Sewing -

- I made 4 bread bags which I listed in my eBay store for sale.

Earnings and finances -

- I earned $34.38 from the sale of 2 bread bags in my eBay store.
- DH earned $50 from a paid mowing job he got.
- We paid off another extra part payment off our home mortgage.
- Listed 28 homemade items on eBay on a free listing and final auction value fee promotion saving $46.20 on usual listing fees.

Purchases -

- Purchased 50 disposable lighters for use around the home and some for storage saving us $61.60 over buying them in the local stores singularly.
- Purchased needed fabrics for the sewing room and enough curtain fabric to make 2 rooms of curtains to replace blinds that don't work. These were all on a 40% off sale saving in total $45.72 on usual prices.

Have a wonderfully frugal week ahead everyone :).

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You are the second person to mention cheesecake today Lorna and it sounds so good. What a deal on making your own.
It seems like every Spring there is a window that needs a new screen and it's so worth it knowing how to do it yourself! I can't wait for good weather to clean the windows I guess I'm dreaming of sunshine soon. You are both such hard workers and I hope you are able to sell a lot in your store.
Have a great week!

Jenny said...

I cooked all of our meals at home this week..we usually eat out once a week but this week we just didn't feel like it. Most lunches were leftovers but we often just eat a few slices of turkey or roast beef deli meat with a piece of cheese & call it good.

I've been making grain free muffins as soon as we finish a batch. My recipe makes 18 muffins & that lasts us 5 to 8 husband usually likes to eat two at a time!

My husband had his perfect attendance dinner at work this past week. They hold a dinner in honor of everyone who makes it a year without missing work (sick days & vacations don't count as long as you don't go over your limit). He was given a $125 Walmart gift card, it will go into his allowance for whatever he wants. Then they drew his name for a prize, a collapsible storage tote for the car. I have one he was given a few years ago that's wearing out so I'm happy he got another one!

I haven't been listing this but I guess I's saving some money...I walked my 30 minutes three times a day to earn money for my HSA. This week is 7 weeks in a row. When I have 10 weeks done I can turn in my log for $250 from my husband's employer. A huge help to us. My husband found out his insulin will no longer be covered, as well as two more medications, on mine & one his. So we'll go through the extra pretty quickly.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Jenny you have done really well. Your grand free muffins sounds delicious!
Congratulations to your husband on perfect attendance. What an incentive his employer gives out!
I've heard that insulin was very high now. I can believe that it will no longer be covered. So sorry, I know that will be a big expense. I love your walking that your doing. That's a great incentive too!
Have a great week Vickie