Monday, March 25, 2019

My Menu Plan for this Week 3/25/19!

It's spring break and the grand kids are here at my house during the day this week.  I asked them yesterday what do you want Grandma to fix you guys to eat while you are here.  Nothing, they said nothing.  So I'm all on my own and they have to eat (hopefully) what I think they will like.  I hope I guess right.  I'm starting off with what I know are a couple of winners.   I think prayer and pb and jelly sandwiches are needed for the rest of the week.  

Monday                     Spaghetti (we will have spaghetti squash and they have regular pasta)

Tuesday                     Hot dogs (I'll make fat head dough to wrap ours in -they will have buns)

Wednesday               Pork Chops with mashed potatoes and corn for the grand kids, sweet potatoes for us and green beans

Thursday                  Cheeseburgers and potato chips

Friday                      Out to eat (pizza place)

Saturday                   Grilled chicken and a salad 

Sunday                     Out to eat- Date with husband

What's on your menu?

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  1. You only list one meal a day in your menu. What do you do for the other meal? My husband thinks he has to have a meat and vegetables at every meal.

    1. Hi Peggy, They are on their own for the other meal (well except for grandchildren). IT's usually a sandwich, pickle bologna, tuna or something like that. Breakfast is the usual eggs, fried bologna, pancakes, and waffles sort of thing.

    2. We do have veggies every day. Your husband is right that you need them

  2. Looks like a winner list for kids!

    We had a chicken noodle one pan meal I found on Pinterest on Sunday. Mediocre at best. Unfortunately there is a lot left so we have to suffer through it again today.

    Monday was pork chops with BBQ sauce in the crockpot. How those could have cooked to falling apart and be so dry I do not know. Hopefully my week will improve in the cooking department!

    1. oh no...I hate those failures when I cook. Well one for you was the recipe and to me one had to be some tough pork chops. I know tomorrow will be a new cooking day for you!


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