Saturday, April 20, 2019

Book Review: Justice Delivered by Patricia Bradley

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Justice Delivered (Memphis Cold Case Book 4) by [Bradley, Patricia]

Justice Delivered (Memphis Cold Case Book 4) by Patricia Bradley

Carly Smith came by her trust issues honestly. A victim of sex trafficking, she's been at the mercy of merciless men, ignored by law enforcement officers who should have helped her, and seemingly rejected by her family. She can't even trust herself to do the right thing. Though she escaped her captors and is working hard on building a new life, the past continues to haunt her when she discovers that the man she couldn't bring herself to report to police for fear of reliving her captivity is still out there, luring vulnerable girls under the guise of being a modeling agent.

When her own niece is kidnapped, Carly must overcome her fears and come forward with the information she has before it's too late. When that proves to be not enough, she'll have to go after the perpetrators herself.

Award-winning author Patricia Bradley keeps the suspense taut and the stakes high in this fast-paced story that will have readers turning pages long into the night.

My thoughts:

Filled to the top with suspense, sex trafficking, murder, forgiveness, romance, family, PTSD, and the joy you have when you forgive, Justice Delivered kept me turning the pages. There were so many times I didn't know which way this story would turn and it kept me on the edge wondering what would happen next.

I so admired Carly.  She was so strong and caring, scared at times but willing to try to overcome, and with all that she seeks to help others when they need the support the most.  She was also a little hardheaded and thought she could accomplish it all herself.  God was there though waiting in the wings and ready to help.  

I did have my suspicions on who was involved but the why and how kept plaguing me.  I just couldn't understand how anyone could be so evil.  A great, great mystery.
This book brought to light the dangers that are in this modern world.  Reminders to be aware of your surroundings but at the same time live your life.  

This book was given to me by Revell.  All opinions are my own.

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