Sunday, April 28, 2019

My Frugal Ways this Past Week 4/28/19!

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It didn't snow here and the sun is shining!  So glad they were wrong because just the thoughts of snow was so depressing.  I'm ready for to get a little warmer and for it to stay Spring.  

Here are the ways we saved this past week:

We kept up with the gas prices this past week and when husband heard gas was going up he filled up the car.  It would have been .30 more a gallon the next morning.  The prices just jump up and down.

I taped up the recycling bin.  It had multiple cracks but it was still usable.  

I found some great deals at Kroger this week.   I'm stocked up for when the grand kids would be here a little more this summer.  

I made mini cheesecakes topped with homemade strawberry sauce for our breakfast this morning.   I only made half a recipe because I had never made this recipe before (Trim Healthy Mama).   Husband will love them to go with his coffee this morning.  He told me if it snowed not to wake him up before noon, ha ha.  

We trimmed bushes this past week.   I picked up the sticks and put them all in the garden.  We will burn it when it dries up more.  

Lettuce is growing great in the grow bag.  I can't wait till it's big enough to harvest.  The price of a head of lettuce has went up here.  It used to be  .99 a head and it's now around $1.28 a head, a least at all the stores I've been too.  Some of the heads are not very full at all.

My goals for this coming week:

Take the comforter to wash at the laundry mat and hang it on the line to dry.  I've been waiting on a nice warm sunny day.  

Keep Spring cleaning!  

What did you do last week to save money?

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Little Penpen said...

Sounds like a good week!! The little cheesecakes look delicious!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Thanks! He loved the cheesecakes so that recipe is a keeper.
Have a great week.

KayM said...

I know you will save a lot on lettuce! I try to eat a salad every day. My frugal ways for the week: On Monday after my once-a-month chiropractic appointment, I talked myself out of my usual fast food stop and went on home, where I made a delicious salad, including some lean, uncured bacon for protein. It was a little sad to pass up the Ghirardelli chocolate shake--LOL! On Tuesday a book I wanted to read came up on sale at Amazon as a Kindle version for only $1.59. I really prefer a “real” book, rather than a Kindle edition, but after debating the cost, which was, at the least $8 for a copy in very good condition, I decided to go for the Kindle copy, thus saving a minimum of $6.41. Also, I used a coupon code to order some clothing I need for an upcoming trip. I saved $44. On Thursday I bought a few items for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes: 3 long sleeve shirts (2-4 year old boys) for $1 each, 3 hooded & zip sweatshirts (2-4 year old boys) for $2 each, and 8 cute knit hats for 2-4 year old girls for $.50 each. On clearance I found 2 reams of copy paper for $1.50 each. That's about it. Have a good week!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You did really well Kay! I can't wait to have a salad from our garden. A salad a day sounds so good!
I've gotten used to my Kindle but it's very hard to curl up with a good Kindle book so I don't blame you on loving the "real" books more.
Great looking for deals ahead for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. You just can't beat that. Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Hi Vickie and you did really well and stocked up too. You are right that lettuce is going up in price everywhere and it is far cheaper to grow your own.

We will be stocking up on fuel this week too as the prices are coming down and we have 6 fuel jerry cans to fill up. We usually wait until we hear the prices are coming down before we restock just as your DH does.

Our goal this week is to plant most of our herbs and ornamental flowers into established garden beds around the house and amend the soil with manure we have here.

Our savings last week added up to $217.21 :) .

In the kitchen -

- Made a batch of MOO yoghurt saving $2.81 over purchasing it.
- Made a half a batch of brownie/chocolate sauce premix saving $7.33 over purchasing it in the shops.
- In the breadmaker we made 3 loaves of bread during the week saving $10.47 over purchasing them in the local shops.

Finances/Listings and extra earnings -

- Paid our usual fortnightly house mortgage payment.
- Listed 20 items on a free listing promotion saving $33 on usual listing fees.
- I earned around $12 from the sale of a homemade cotton eye mask on eBay.
- DH earned $150 from gardening jobs he did this week. We put aside the expenses for oils, fuel and other needed equipment from each job as he does it. Next week some of this will be used to purchase fuel and sprays he has used and the rest will be kept for maintenance of our gardening equipment.

Purchases -

- Bought 3 x 3kg prescripton dry cat food for our cat who was born with half her teeth (she still manages quite well though). I used some of my earnings from my PayPal account and the full budgeted cat food account to purchased it using discount voucher codes on eBay saving $20.28 over purchasing it in the local vets.
- Purchased 2 x 12mm x 300mm and 2 x 16mm x 300mm wood auger pieces on eBay saving $128.08 over purchasing them in our local hardware stores. We are going to use these to put up a front gate so have to drill through large ironbark fence posts to attach them and are going to use these for both our kangaroo garden enclosure and rebuilding our chook pen too.

Hope everyone had an equally wonderful week :).

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

So what is Moo yogurt? I'm sorry if I've asked this before Lorna.
You know what stood out was your Kangaroo enclosure for your garden. Sounds like you know just what you need. We kind of need one for the deer here that's for sure.
You had some great savings this week.
Have a great week!

Jenny said...

I had my grandson all last week so I didn't get as many things done as I'd like to.

-I used a $25 VISA refund from the vet to buy groceries at Walmart.
-I divided two hostas & dug a fern from my woods to fill in some empty spots in two flower beds.
-I potted a patio tomato in a large old pot I already had & used leftover mulch to pot it (I'm trying a potted tomato this year in hopes I can keep the squirrels from eating my tomatoes)

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Hi Jenny you did well with having the grandson there.
Squirrels are so cute till they eat your garden. Smart move in putting your tomatoes in pots.
Have a great week.

Unknown said...

No you haven't asked before about MOO yoghurt Vickie :) . It is simply make your own yoghurt using a starter of either commercially purchased yoghurt or in our case we start ours with the previous batch of yoghurt. We make ours in an easiyo yoghurt container system.

It is a recipe on Cath Armstrong's Cheapskates site that can be found by clicking on this link for the instructions -

I hope this helps as it is very easy to make and far cheaper than buying commercial yoghurt in the supermarkets here.

Have a great week :).

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Thanks Lorna for the information. I was wondering if it was a different yogurt than what I make. I thought it might have a different flavor and you know I have to be up on new things! I just recently bought a yogurt maker at a garage sale (I used to make it in a crockpot). Your right what a savings it is!

Lana said...

Not many savings with the traveling last week. One night while we were there I told Mom I would get a rotisserie chicken from Sam's and bring a salad so all she had to do was make sides. I had a free chicken on my card from when we renewed and when I looked on iBotta I saw a $2 rebate plus a .10 any item. We got the free chicken and a salad kit for only 38 cents after the ibotta rebates. We also packed sandwiches to eat fr lunch both ways and ate the hotel breakfasts. We cooked and ate at our cottage every chance we had. There was a bit of a problem one night at the cottage and our hosts gave us $25 for a breakfast out because of it. We ate at a local diner and that breakfast was so good. Mom and Dad took us out for fabulous BBQ one night. If we lived near that BBQ I would be there every week so good thing it is 500 miles away!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You did a great job on saving while you traveled Lana. The big thing I miss about Sams is that chicken. You just can't find a better tasting chicken for that price. Sounds like a great time seeing your mom and dad too.

Becky said...

I did SO much yard work because the weather has cheered up around here. I've got a lot to go, but at least I got started.

I did not shop for groceries this week except for 3-4 items I needed for a picnic I took my crew on. I took the same crew (daughter, nephew and adult autistic son) bowling, using the Kids Bowl Free program. You have to pay for shoe rental, but 2 games per day are free, all summer. I don't mind paying for the shoes because I don't see how a bowling alley would be able to stay in business if they didn't get a dime:). I bought the adult family addition, which I paid around $23 for, which lasts the entire summer.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I was just thinking of signing up for that...I found grandson a bowling ball that just fits him and I think he would love to go again.

Glad you got some yard work done. It's a big job sometimes. It rains a lot here so we just run outdoors when it's sunny for a few minutes. Have a great day Becky.