Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Winter Sowing Update, Flower Gardening, and What I'm Reading this Week

I went through all my winter sown jugs and I can say that I've had  a 90 % failure rate.   The lettuce is wonderful though so I can be thankful for that.  In some of the jugs I can see seedlings starting to form, so I think I might devote a section of my garden for wannabe vegetables, just to see if they make it.  

Just like life, there is a lot of living and dying in the garden.  The dying came I believe because of the rain we had day after day.  There was no sun for days on end and I think the seeds just rotted. Most of the soil in the jugs was very wet.

The dying part is disappointing and sad for sure but I've decided to be excited about planting my big garden in the back yard this weekend (if it's dry enough). We just got to keep trying and never give up!

While we had some sun this afternoon I planted some flowers in the planters.  I used the potting soil from some of the winter sown jugs that didn't make it.  I was a little nervous last night when it got so cold that we turned on the furnace, but the flowers were still ok this morning.  

I've also weeded here and weeded there.  Sick of weeds!  They had better not come back!  

Before the clouds took over the beautiful sun I sit down to enjoy my book this week, HillbrookeThe Healer by Beverly Joy Roberts.  It's so, so, good. I got caught up in the turmoil and ate my apple and peanut butter before I knew what had happened.  I'm on page 74 and I've got quite away to go.  I'm going to read more before I fall asleep tonight.   Well, that is my plan once the head hits the pillow, I don't last long.  Update:  You can read my review here. 

How's your week been going so far?  

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Lana said...

That stinks about the jugs. I hope you can plant this weekend!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

It's looking pretty iffy. We had more rain today. We can plant though for two more weeks. The rain barrel is completely full!!!