Saturday, June 29, 2019

My Grocery Shopping Deal this Week 6/29/19!

I went to Meijers this morning just for this deal on Spaghetti Sauce and spent $57.00!   I guess I should have expected that...we needed everything.   Our fridge started making a noise 2 weeks ago.  (thank goodness we bought extra insurance on it because the manufacturers warranty was done) so finally two weeks later they come back with a part to fix it.  It was slowly going completely out and  many things had gone bad by that time.  So we kind of gave up buying any perishables and we needed all the basics again.   Glad that mess is over.  

So here is the deal on Spaghetti Sauce


$1.75 Prego Pasta Sauce
-$1.00 each when you get 5
.75 each after savings

I bought 10

Strawberries were still on sale for $1.87 for a two quart box and I bought 2 more.  They should last longer with the fridge working better now.  

What great deals did you find at the grocery store this past week?

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  1. Great deals. Sure can't beat the price of strawberries.

  2. You got some terrific deals. I do like homemade sauce, but it is so convenient to have jarred on hand.
    Be blessed, Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. I wish I could make a sauce that everyone likes but that's one thing I can't do. I bet yours is real good..I need your recipe! Have a blessed week too Laura

  3. I do that too... go in for one thing, come out with a cart full. They know how to get us.


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