Saturday, August 24, 2019

My Grocery Shopping Deal of the Week 8/24/19!

We went up north a little ways and went to Pinconning Michigan.  We went to the cheese store and stocked up then on to the Northwoods Outlet store.  I noticed this ketchup right away and bought 5  jars for just a dollar a piece!  Ketchup goes fast around here.  The date was good till next Spring, so I'm not sure why the deep discount but I'll take it!  

I went to Kroger last night and bought the butter on sale for $1.99 a pound (bought 5) and the whole chicken for .79 a pound.   Great deals this week!  

How did you do grocery shopping this past week?  A
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Jenny said...

A really good deal on butter!

Lana said...

Those are great prices! My big money saver was 8 qt size bottles of International Delight creamer for a dollar each.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Just in time too Jenny! The freezer was getting low.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

What a deal on that creamer Lana! Great deals are a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vickie and you did well with the ketchup, chicken and butter purchases :). We tend to when we see good deals fairly much buy them out if we have room in the grocery and pantry budget to do it.

Here are the deals for the last few weeks being -

- Purchased 5 x 6pk of white and wholemeal bread rolls and a loaf of bread for $1.25 on clearance saving $4.50 on usual prices.
- Bought 32 tins of smoked chicken from Aldi to top up the pantry with saving $3.20 on prices in other supermarkets.
- Got 3 free samples (a packet of spaghetti, almond and apricot cream cheese, and a cauliflower soup) as I am a taste tester for a supermarket saving $9.75 over purchasing them.
- Bought our usual grocery staples and probiotics for the month saving $21.75 by picking up specials.
- Topped up the pantry with a carton (8 x 1kg) of full cream powdered milk and 5 tins of lychees saving $2.96 or 5% using our roadside assist gift card.
- Just purchased a grocery e-gift card from our roadside assist company for next month's grocery shop saving $13.89 or 5% off groceries. I love it when we get any free groceries and combine this with any half price or clearance items that are on our shopping list to save more.

Happy to say we are still $36 under budget on groceries for this month but may use it to top up on more food supplies as our Australian dollar is plummeting in value which will make our groceries way more expensive shortly.

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Lorna sorry this wasn't published was lost in comment land I think!
I love the idea of buying a discounted grocery card..what a great way to save.
I'm afraid groceries are going up for so many and you are smart to save back to put it towards more while prices are cheaper. We need to look for more ways to save for sure!