Sunday, October 27, 2019

My Frugal Ways this Week 10/27/19!

I'm working on weeding!  

We finally got a chance to get back to trash picking.  Okay, the argument was, we went too early at 6 p.m.   I said it was too dark at 7 and you wouldn't be able to see.  He said, "We will have to use our headlights."  Just about the time I was going to say, your right not a lot of people have their trash out, there it was, my beautiful lawn furniture.  Really, he was right, and we need to go a little later next time.  

I cleaned everything off the garden and put it up for next year.   I staked our little peach tree after I seen it bending very low in high wind.   I also spread grass seeds in the bare spot where some wood used to be.

We received our results from the soil test.    Thanks to your suggestions, I started to realize we needed to step up our efforts of things that we do to help build up the nitrogen in the garden soil.  I rake all our leaves into our garden every year but I will get more of my neighbors leaves this time to put on the garden.  I'll just use the truck and pick up some leave bags.

We put our coffee grounds in the compost bin but with just two people drinking coffee that is really not enough.  So, at Annabelle's and others suggestion, I went to the coffee shop.  I went twice at different times to pick up coffee grounds, both times another gardener had already picked them up.   I'll try more next week. 

It took us awhile but we finally sold an item.  It actually sold the day after the GM strike was over.  

I earned 20 points for a survey from My Reader Rewards Club.

Neighbor gifted us with a dinner of ribs from a great resturant.  It was enough for two dinners!   

I found some great deals at the Mennonite store.  The price of the breakfast sausage was unbelievable.  

My goals for next week:

Clean the carpets (never got done).  

How did you save money this past week?

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Cheryl Kimbley said...

Man our neighbors never have good 'trash' like that. What a wonderful find. I am sure next year you will get much use from them.

Jenny said...

I love the garden furniture! Wow what a great find.

I didn't think I really had anything this week. Sunday night we had two tornadoes come through, an ET2 & an EF0. The EF2 just south of us was on the ground for 31 miles & was 1 & a half miles wide. It came through at midnight & knocked our power out but no other damage. We were without power until Tuesday afternoon but many people were without through to Friday. I have a good friend still without power because she needs to get the trees cleaned up before they will come in & reconnect her.....what a mess! She is a widow & is staying with her sister until she can find someone to do it.

But I do have two things!

My neighbor went trout fishing this week & brought us two beautiful fresh rainbow trout from the White River. I'm cooking them for supper tonight.

Saturday I went to a cookie decorating class with my daughter-in-law. She had paid for her mother to go to the class but the tornado sent a tree through her mom's house so she asked me if I'd like to go instead. It was fun to spend time with her & I came home with a box of really cute & yummy cookies.

We ate lunch at the Cheesecake factory. I ordered appetizers for my lunch but there was still so much I brought it home & it was enough leftover for supper for both my husband & a free meal.

I'm not sure how organized I will be for awhile. I have a contractor coming tomorrow to give me an estimate on redoing our master bathroom. So my house may be a wreck for the next few months.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

It was such a fun find...Love going to that neighborhood! I always wonder what we missed these past couple of weeks when we couldn't go.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

oh you had such fun this weekend Jenny! Trout, the cheesecake factory, and cookies all sound delicious!

It will be hard I know with the remodeling mess but I know you'll love your master bedroom when it's done.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I forgot to say I'm so glad your safe! I hope your friends power comes back on soon.

Anonymous said...

Vickie I love your outdoor setting and how beautiful is that for nothing !. I am glad you got your garden cleaned up and more put up too :).

Our savings added up to $98.62 last week :).

In the kitchen -
- Made a batch of condensed milk, a lemon cheesecake, a double batch of choc chip and coconut biscuits and a double batch of chocolate brownies saving $61.72 on buying premade commercially made items in the shops.

Home spring cleaning -
- Finished deep cleaning and spring cleaning the lounge room and it now sparkles.

Internet listings -
- Listed 20 homemade items on eBay on a free listing promotion saving $33 on usual prices.

Free items -
- Received a free 80 g sample of pine nuts for taste testing at a supermarket saving $3.90 on usual prices.

In the gardens -
- Weeded 4 garden beds and replanted some lettuce, beetroot, basil and corn seeds that didn't come up.
- Dh spade edged some garden beds, I raked up dried leaves around the yard and DH ran over them with the catcher mower to shred them. We will use these in combination with dry glass clippings to mulch the gardens with.

Water preservation -
- We continue to use ours and the neighbour's grey water to water the mulberry, fruit trees and some lawns with to save on town water usage.
- Our outhouse is also getting good use to save on town water usage as well.

Wallaby feeding -
- I continue to prune shrubbery to feed our swamp and other wallabies as well as give them bread ends. Our swamp wallaby is no longer dribbling as his face abscess has burst by itself and he has put on condition with all the shrubbery I have given him.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week :) .

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You did so well Lorna! We use the grass clippings too -it really helps. Your outhouse is a great backup. Really with just one bathroom I would love an outhouse sometimes. I love that it saves you money!
Have a great day!