Thursday, January 30, 2020

Cleaning and Organizing the Spice Cabinet and Then this Happened!

I think I use this cupboard more than any other in my Kitchen. It is situated right near the stove and I'm in there constantly getting spices, baking powder, cocoa, peanut butter, etc.  So, I'm the one to blame for the mess that was created over the past few months.  


Besides general cleaning, I made sure to organize some.  I put the baking soda, salt, coccoa, baking powder, etc all on that second shelf to the right, so they will be handy when I need them.  I also put all the paper muffin cups in a quart jar to keep them organized.  

Things I found:

I found three boxes of toothpicks that were bought because each time we thought we didn't have any.  

I found a seasoning bottle that was dried up because it didn't have a lid.

I found the lid.

I found a big bag of baking powder just after I bought some this past week.   I'm debating on taking it back to the store.  

I found two bags of prunes -one with just one prune in it. 

Cleaning this cupboard makes me so happy!  I just keep looking at it!   

Then last night we were just watching basketball (because this is what people from Kentucky people do) and we heard a crash.  

I'm working on organizing this mess this morning so it doesn't happen again!  

How's your spring cleaning going?

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  1. Oh wow. When our youngest son was just married a whole wall of upper cabinets in the kitchen just fell off the wall.

    1. Oh no! I hope that doesn't happen here ..I think it just was too many pans stacked wrong. I hope!

  2. My grandson begs to play in the kitchen sink every day he's with me now. I fill it with soapy water, making lots of bubbles. This morning he played for over an hour washing his toys & anything plastic I pulled out of the cabinets.....I'm taking advantage & cleaning cabinets as he plays!

    This morning I sorted the medicine cabinet, threw away expired medications & made a small pile for my husband to go through. We have so many thing we used to take but no longer...I hate to toss them because medication is not cheap but what do you do with them?

    I also cleaned out my baking cabinet. Which is just a corner really because I don't bake living with a diabetic. I had bought some regular flour & sugars over the holidays so I pulled out all the things dh can't eat & filled a bag of supplies for my daughter-in-law. She has an in-home bakery & will use the supplies up quickly.

    1. I turn our leftover meds to the sheriff's drug drop off center so they are taken care of properly so they don't end up in landfill polluting the land or run off water

  3. Oh just imagining him with his sink Made me smile! I'm going to get to that med cabinet next! I take my old prescriptions to the Walgreen pharmacy and they dispose of them. I take the labels
    off. I guess they would any meds. I'll have to check.
    I'm so glad you gave those supplies to your daughter in law..she'll love that!

  4. Cleaning and organizing helps me relax sometimes. :-) I like when I find things that I can still use.

    1. Your right It can be relaxing and it is fun to find things and say well lookie there, I was just needing that!

  5. I guess I best clean out the spice cabinet for something gives way in there. I don't have upper cabinets I have furniture for my upper cabinets like my china cabinet, hoosier, bookcase and a tall but narrow cabinet that was my late husband's grandmother he redid which is what my spices are in

    1. Yes that's exactly what happens here ..everything gives way. I love the sound of your storage ..that Hoosier cabinet sounds wonderful.


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