Monday, June 1, 2020

Free Kindle Books for Today 6/1/20 Plus Someone Has to Take out the Trash!

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Someone Has to Take out the Trash!  

A lot of the garden was put in yesterday and to tell you the truth, I'm exhausted and can barely move.   The husband is still in the bed and I haven't heard a sound from him at all. 

I would love to take a picture of what we've accomplished but the garden has never seemed so far away.

I keep thinking about the things that need to be done this morning like, the trash needs to be taken out, the dishes need to be put up, the clothes need to go in the washer, and grandmas school needs to open.  Just thinking about it all exhausts me because everything hurts from my fingers to my toes.!   I need some energy and a pain pill.  Quick.

Please a comment and let me know how it's going in your neck of the woods.

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Belinda said...

You're the second person I've read about today that is sore from gardening and doing yard work. I hope the pain gets better as your day goes on. :)

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

It's that time of year I guess. I'm glad I'm not the only one haha. I'm horribly out of shape too Belinda.

Kathy said...

Oh I am so tired too. I pressure washed and stained part of the deck. Assuming I can move tomorrow, I will finish the deck at the side of the house.
Hope you had a good day with some rest, and I hope you feel better.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh man you have done a lot of work Kathy! Hope you can move tomorrow.
Once I started moving I was good for awhile.

Jenny said...

That is exactly how I felt yesterday...Monday.

Having a week without my grandson meant I worked so hard in the garden that I could not move come Monday morning. And it was my turn to get up at $:30 for the 5AM changeover....bawling tears over that! Plus we are potty training. We had a huge poop mess plus a few other messes. By the time my husband got home form work I felt like a newlywed again...after the honeymoon was over. I was so tired & in such pain in my body & in my heart.

So he put me in the car & we drover through Sonic for burgers. No clean up! I was in the shower by 7:30 & in bed before 8 (because yes, I did the 4:30 again this morning). I'm not as sore & I am much better rested. I for one am too old to be chasing a toddler around.

I feel your pain. Take lots of tylenol if you can. I think I took three doses yesterday! And lots of coffee.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh my Jenny I feel your pain too. I smiled because of the wonderful husbands we have. They know just when a ride and sonic burger is needed. So thankful for them!
I still haven't quite finished the garden but in so close! I just went easy I guess and did too much.