Friday, July 17, 2020

Free Kindle Books for Today 7/17/20 Plus Mask Mandate for Michigan!

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When the mask mandate rolled out this past week it's been a little bit of relief around our part of the state.   If you are caught not wearing a mask you could be fined $500.

Has it worked?   To me I've seen such improvement when I have went out and about.  Not that I'm going in to a lot of stores mind you, I haven't got my haircut still, and we've stayed with outdoor activities (even then we wear a mask and made sure to social distance).  Listen, outdoors away from people is where it's at!  

I have went to Kroger this past week for groceries and I didn't see one person without one.  I have also went to Menard's for some home improvement supplies and of course everyone had their mask on there.  Menard's has been on top of things for a long time.  Don't have a mask?  Well we can sell you one for a dollar, they will tell you.  

I try not to judge people though.  You see I feel that you don't know their situation or how they are handling their own family, so it's best not to say anything (it could lead to violence too).  Oh I wonder let me tell you I wonder, but I keep that to myself and talk to my husband about it.  Sometimes, we can be too quick to judge and think the worst in people. 

In the end I think money talks!  

P. S.    I should mention Michigan is in stage 4 of our lockdown.  Businesses are open but with limited hours it seems, you can go get your hair cut, etc.  No gyms are open yet.

How's it going in your neck of the woods?

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear everyone is wearing masks and it is amazing how getting a huge fine will encourage others to wear one :).

I agree outdoors and away from people is a great idea. We have socialised with some friend this week but in a social distancing scenario.

We are also getting huge spikes in infection rates in two States in Australia which has us worried. Think it will only be a matter of time here in our state as well but hopefully I am wrong.

Just been concentrating here on preparing our pantry and doing lots of things preparation wise. I think that is something we can control is our home environment.

Have a great week :).

Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Home is the safest. I think that's why I stay away from stores -all that I can anyway. It's very stressful and I can't control it. A man was killed by a cop further north from us after he stabbed a man who asked him about his mask. Then he tried to stab the cop. Oh our part of the world is wild I guess.

We really watch it here too because the infection rate goes up as more people get out and are risky with their behaviors. I just wish this whole thing was over!

Have a great week as well!
Keep preparing Lorna-I think it's going to be very vital if we can't stop the spread.

Kathy said...

I'm so glad that people are wearing masks there! Michigan folks have some sense and compassion for others.
VA is in phase 3, and there has been a mandate to wear masks since the end of May. Is my redneck community wearing masks. Of course not. I am so sick of selfish people, but I'm not going to confront anybody since they are likely to shoot anyone who "infringes on their rights". Well their rights end where my nose and breath begins...
Anyway I'm staying home and away from stupid folk. Can you tell going in Rural King ticked me off? ;)
Anyway hope you have a good weekend. Today is my birthday, and dh is getting me a takeout burrito as big as my head.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Oh I bet Rural King ticked you off. It was more iffy here till she announced the fine..but still we have some people.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday Kathy and enjoy that burrito!

Lana said...

The whole mask thing is and enigma to me since the more people I see wearing them the higher our numbers go. We are wearing them but I am no longer convinced that they are working. I do not know what the answer is to this whole thing. One thing for sure though is that I am sick of seeing people arguing about it on Facebook!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

It's amazing to me just how much we are still like the people of the 1918 pandemic. They too didn't want to comply.
I hope that this will slow the tide. Gosh something has to help us and this is so simple.
Facebook can become too much for me too, Lana. I try to practice my art of scrolling by as much as possible LOL.

Anonymous said...

I wish masks were mandatory here! I'm going out as little as possible but unfortunately a foursome of medical problems have me going to one clinic or another almost every day.
I think Fleet Farm is about the same as Rural King, and masks are few and far between there. I have been using the option to order online and pickup wherever possible.

Anonymous said...

Oh, just got a notification that masks will be required at WalMart as of 7/20.

Jenny said...

They're requiring masks here in Arkansas beginning Monday though some towns & cities around the state have already required them. And before the governor issued the state wide mandate my husband's employer issued a mask order beginning this week as well.

I'm not following the numbers here so I don't know where they are.

I did go into some stores today...let's hope I don't regret it. My daughter-in-law had to take her car to be serviced & asked me to meet her at the garage to bring her & the baby home. (They'll go back later today to get it)

So I went to Dollar tree..which was fine until I got to check out & they only had one register open. Then to Aldi...not too bad. And I finished early so I stopped at Hobby Lobby to pick up some thread for a project I put on hold last winter...I needed to pick the color in person.

Everywhere I went at least half the people were wearing masks...more than what were wearing them. And most people distanced fairly well & were kind.

My daughter-in-law shared quite a few details with me about the cases from work (there have been four) ....

I just stay home & try not to think about it most of the time. I think I might possibly could be arrested if I have a family member in the hospital? That's what I worry about most....not being with my husband if he gets it. It makes me angry if I think about it too much.

So I cook, clean, sew, play with my grandson & clean some more.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I hope everyone gets on the band wagon so we can get this over with. shopping is very stressful and nerve wracking.

It makes me very sad to think about all the people in the hospital alone. I don't blame you for trying so hard to not think about it Jenny.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

That just might get me back in my walmart.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I love pick up if they have the inventory. It's the only way to go!
Stay well and he As safe as possible.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vickie yes we did see the incident in our news feed here about the stabbing and you are wise not to say anything to anyone without a mask as you just don't know how people will react.

Like yourself if people read up on historical pandemics they would more appreciate the seriousness of this situation I think. I have been doing a lot of reading and it is history repeating itself but a different virus this time.

I am keeping up preparing here and have built up stocks further than they were before whilst there are still almost no grocery purchase restrictions. We are making the most of our garden produce too and preserving that for the freezer too.

Stay safe everyone :).


Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I would hope we would not repeat the mistakes made in the past but it's been a Very long time ago. It was not talked about much here so it seems we forgotten part of history.

Very smart to keep up your supplies Lorna.