Saturday, August 8, 2020

Free Kindle Books for Today 8/8/20 Plus How I Take my Corn off the Cob!

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I found such a simple way over the years to take the corn off the cob easy and fast.  I put the washed corn in the middle of a bundt pan and then take a knife and cut off the corn.  All the corn falls into the pan.  Makes processing 50 ears of corn go fast.

I froze quite a bit of corn yesterday but we decided to go back and get 30 more.  You just can't beat 10 ears of corn for a dollar!  

You can go here if you want to see how I freeze corn.  This corn was very sweet so I didn't put it so much sugar this time

How is it going in your neck of the woods?

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Lana said...

That's the way I do corn too! I would get stocked up at that price, too! We hit the discount grocery this morning and stocked up on Keebler cookies for us and Mom at $1 a pkg, 5 pounds of frozen Pizza Hut Meat sauce for $1, we bought two, and a huge sheet pan of frozen lemon bars for $1. Those got packaged up and put on the freezer for treats later. One of the meat sauce will be for a big family weekend over Labor day to make baked ziti and I think the other will be used at Christmas when all the kids are home. We are a family of 18 when everyone is in town so it takes a good bit to feed everyone. I am gong to be keeping my eyes open for these big pack deals over the next few months to be ready for all the big meals over the holidays.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Man I wish we had your discount grocery..what good deals! I'd be planning ahead for that many people too. It's good that you think ahead like that!

Margie from Toronto said...

I don't garden or can and I only have the freezer section above my apt. sized fridge so I am a bit limited. However, yesterday I took out a lot of odds & ends from that freezer and made a big pot of stew this morning as it has finally cooled down enough to do some cooking!
I have also noticed that eggs have become a bit hit or miss again in the supermarkets so when my favourite little fruit & veg shop got in some of their really good quality eggs I bought 3 dozen - they were already a bit depleted so didn't want to be greedy. The remaining eggs that I had in the fridge have been hardboiled for next week and 2 dozen of the newer eggs have been frozen. This is my first time freezing eggs but I think it's worth a shot as the tetra packs of frozen ones (when you can find them) are over twice he price that fresh ones would be.
My plan over the next month is to continue to use up more of the frozen meat that I have (sometimes returning it as prepared chilly or stew) but I want to ensure there is no freezer burn and I want to change up a few of the things that I buy - going for a few more seafood and vegetarian options. - but not eliminating red meat as I am prone to anemia and need to be careful. But I've had some ideas about how I can use limited space more efficiently so that is what I am working towards.
Now to clean up a very messy kitchen after this morning's efforts!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Margie..that's the protein for me is the cleaning up part. I dislike it. I had never in my life froze eggs. I'm like the sounds of that though..let us know how it turns out.

Gill said...

I have frozen eggs very successfully. They need to be gently beaten together, with a little salt or sugar added and I used small containers with snap on lids. Label carefully with how many eggs ( I froze two in each container) and whether they are for sweet ( with sugar) or savoury ( salted) use. I kept my eggs for over a year, and used them in baking without any problem.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Thanks Gil for your great instructions! I'm going to try this very soon. Seems like eggs can over take us sometimes.

Margie that should read problem not protein. Sigh

Anonymous said...

I too have noticed eggs to be hit or miss and I plan to freeze some when I can get them again.