Saturday, September 12, 2020

Free Kindle Books for Today 9/12/20 Plus My To Do List!

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Okay, yesterday I told you all about how great school is for the grandson.  Really it is, but now I have to tell you about the other side of the story.  I'm wore out, just plain wore out.  Some how the stress of this last week as wore me to a frazzle.  I think it has him too.  

He has the stress of being online all day.  Don't get me wrong they give him great breaks but like the husband said they shouldn't be on the computer all day.  Then I have the stress of making sure he is fine online all day and being as quiet as we can while he is at school.  He needs a lot of quiet to pay attention to the teacher and not us.

There now, I told you about the downside of online school. 
You know someday soon (I pray) this will be all over and quite truthfully I'll be glad. This is not the Grandma I want to be.
I guess I'm back to wanting just to be a fun Grandma's house again and the virus to be over.  There it is in a nutshell.

Thank you for listening and letting me get this off my shoulders.

My To Do List:

-Call about the Fridge (found the papers called the wrong place and was on hold for 30 minutes.  I need to call about our extended warranty)

-Clean the fridge before they come out to fix the fridge

-Mop the floor 

-Pick all the beans in the garden.

-File a whole bunch of papers 

How's it going in your neck of the woods?   

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SEEK AND FIND said... God is in control! Thanks for the inspiration...

Kathy said...

So very sorry. Try to get some rest this weekend. Maybe go on a date or drive with your hubby.
There is a sign on the church down the road, that says This too shall pass. Please Lord let it be soon.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Yes he his in control. Seek and find you won the book giveaway! I sent you an email...if you could send me your name and address to I'll mail it to you next week. A ride to the post office would do me good!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Kathy, I love that saying! Getting downright tired of waiting but good things come to those who wait.
He already got me in the car to take me to an estate sale and 4 garage sales. Fun and deals are great.
Thanks for understanding!

Lana said...

I can see where t would be stressful for all of you. You definitely need to rest over the weekend. And make some noise! Our Governor is telling the schools that they all need to all go back five days a week. Our grandchildren in Germany are back in school five days a week and have been for several weeks without a shutdown. They are so happy to be back.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Some schools are shutting down here as soon as they open so I don't guess its time yet. some other schools are going two days a week. I expect we will hear more about how this is going in in two weeks. I hope it goes good. I hear one school has one way hallways and they have to go around it till they get to their room even if it's two doors back. kinda of like the grocery store. That sounds like a great idea.
Germany's rates are so good. Improving all the time. Maybe soon we will be like that. I bet they are delighted to see their friends.

I put in a freezer lasagna meal and plan on reading the day away.

KayM said...

As a mother, nana, great-nana and former public school teacher I certainly can understand where you are coming from! I know you are doing a much better job that so many others. One of my good friends was helping her great-granddaughter, a kindergartner, the first week of school with online class and one little boy was having a terrible time with his computer,and the teacher kindly asked him, "Where is your big person?" The little boy said, "She is sleeping." Apparently, she works nights. Bless his heart and sad for the mom also. Thankfully, at least for the present, school has actually started on a very altered schedule, and so the kids attend in person 2 days a week, either MonTues or ThursFri, so only on computer 3 days per week.

Jenny said...

You poor old is your grandson? I agree with your husband. They should not be sitting at a computer all day long. I really believe kids would be much better off if they were given a book list to read, a list of facts to learn, some math formulas to learn & maybe a little writing or copy-work....then let them go do what kids should be doing - play!

Of course that doesn't help you at all. Are you or parents allowed to give any input on how things are done? I wonder if they could do one group video in the mornings so the kids could see their friends, the teacher could go over the day's lesson plans as the adult listens with the child to make sure it's all clear. Then sign off for the day. Maybe throughout the day the teacher could do one on one videos with each student so no student is on all day....just the teacher is.

Sorry...I feel like no one is really fighting for the children but I'm sure that's not true.

I will say....give yourself grace. Your grandkids futures will not be ruined if they don't do well with virtual school. I understand the weight you feel to get it right. Tell them to do their best then let the rest go.

I've had my grandson extra this weekend & am just trying to rest today because I have him again tomorrow. So my house is chaos & we might not get fed tonight!

Melissa Henderson said...

Hubby and I are still settling into the new house. We were able to purchase some front porch rockers, but they had to be put together. He worked on those yesterday. Looks nice. :-)

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Jenny, I think the first week was just so stressful. One little girl was crying because she just didn't understand how to get to the next link. Listening, I was crying too. The teacher talked her through it really nice. Thankfully my grandson (he is 10) knows the computer inside and out.
He was just done in on Friday though so I let him go and not do art. So your right absolutely right about tell the to do the best they can. It's just a lot of adjustment.
I know how your feeling I cleaned up the chaos this morning! Thank goodness we had a freezer meal that will be a leftover meal today.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

oH Melissa you have a porch! That's the best thing ever!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Yes I like the altered schedule if conditions get better! A couple of the schools around me Kay are doing that. I hope that our cases go down soon and we can do that too if it's safe.
That is so sad for that little boy but so commendable he is doing it on his own! I praise the Mom for raising such a fine young man.