Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Free Kindle Books for Today 9/8/20 Plus It's Freezing!

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Brr..It's cold here in Michigan.  It seemed to jump from the 90's to the 50's overnight.  We warm up in the day most of the time and freeze at night.  So, you wear pants in the morning and switch to shorts during the day.  Two sets of clothes and a cover for night!  

So, both kids are officially going back to school today online. They are excited I think!  Let's just say this online school experience so far as not been a positive one but I think they have every thing straightened out now.

Now for their official public school to begin! 

P.S. I do have help for two days a week so I think we can do it!  

How's it going in your neck of the woods?

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  1. So far so good here. I hope their online school goes well for everyone.

    1. I just have the older boy grandchild. He is doing good online by himself. Glad everything is going good at your home.

  2. I do hope school goes better. I homeschooled mine for 13 yrs, K-12. It is such hard work & there is a lot about it that is no fun at all....& I was really only trying to please myself & my son....not another teacher. I also worry about how sitting in front of a screen for most of their school work is going to hurt children in the long run, especially young children.

    We're still running the ac here. Hoping to cool down on Thursday. It was Wednesday, the weatherman keeps pushing it back.

    1. I guess it's better than sending them for sure. A school in the next county already has two kids sick. So not a good start.
      The older one is doing good he just listens to the teacher just like in school ..I'm there to make sure he stays on track.
      Hope you.cool off soon..We feel frozen with a high of 56 degrees today after such a hot summer.

  3. One grandson does better on line than in school, one does better in school and 3 other grandsons it doesn't matter... NOW THE GIRLS ... its all about I need to see my friends so we can compare clothes and boyfriends LOL One got threatened with being homeschooled by me as they would have to live with me as I am over an hour away... they straightened their act up.. no boyfriend in this area, no girlfriend in this area and no cable tv or gaming system... LOL Mid 50s during night 75- 85 during the afternoons.

    1. Oh man us girls do like to socialize! I'm glad it all got straightened out!
      Sounds like it's cooling off just about everywhere.

  4. We finally had cooler temperatures. Upper 80's today. So glad the 111-114 heat index is gone. Have a great week!

    1. I bet It's so nice to be able to breathe cooler temps. Have a great day.

  5. We have cooler temps too. I'm loving it. I'm happiest with my days in the 70s.
    Hope schooling goes well. Our schools started yesterday with half days in person and half day online. We'll see what happens
    Our colleges are still hotspots. Most of my son's classes are online, but he has 2 classes in person. Praying he stays well.

    1. Some schools are like that here too. They go a couple of days the go online for the rest of the week.
      I'm glad your son isn't going has much to college. He will do well.


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