Monday, November 2, 2020

Free Kindle Books for Today 11/2/20 Plus My Sunday Grocery Shopping Deal!

 Free Kindle Books and deals for today 11/1/20!  Make sure you check the price before you buy, Amazon prices can change frequently. If you don’t have a Kindle you can download your favorite Kindle Book on any tablet or smartphone with a free Kindle app

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I went grocery shopping really quick at Meijer yesterday after I hand delivered some donuts to the boys sleepover yesterday.  I had my list all ready to go with the digital coupons clipped.  I also had a $3.00 off $30.00 coupon that was only good till the end of the day.  I have to admit that's why I got rolling, I just couldn't let that good coupon go by.

I stopped off in the meat department looking for their whole chicken at .79 a pound but they were not there.  I did find a roast for $11.61 or $3.99 lb.  Which is a great deal in my area.  

Tomorrow its going to be warmer so I'm defrosting the freezer in the garage.  I'm thinking about going back and getting a couple of more roasts to put in there after it's all done.

My review on a book:

I posted my book review of Point of Danger by Irene Hannon this morning.   I feel awful because my review is not good.  I wrote it 3 times last night and I hope I softened the blow but I'm not sure.  You see it was very political at the beginning and I wasn't expecting that at all.  She seems to be a great writer but I think this book needed to say somewhere that it has political theme.  I guess I didn't need anymore political stuff in my life, especially in a book I want to enjoy.

So, could you help me?  If my review is too hard on her, could you please leave me a comment.  I mean these authors work hard on their books and I don't want to sound ungrateful.  Thanks so much.  

The Sheriff's Surrender (Ladies' Shooting Club Book 1)

The Orphan Daughter of Lupin lane: A Historical Victorian Romance

An Advent Book (The Christian Year Series 1)

Party with Sweet Treats: Dressed-up Goodies for Every Occasion

Chicken Recipes: Top 50 Delicious Quick & Easy Chicken Recipes For Family & Friends Less Than 10 Minutes

The New Kid: Surviving Middle School Is Tough!

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  1. I have a $10 off $50 burning a whole in my pocket But my husband is going to revolt if I ask him to try to fit anything else in the freezer! I have til tomorrow. And it is a Grand Opening sale so lots of good meat deals.

    1. Oh what a coupon...I would be doing some organizing LOL!

    2. Hubby said the coupon starts Wednesday so I have time!

  2. I didn't find the review harsh at all. Ann

    1. Oh good because I'm not in the habit of not finishing or not liking a book at all.

  3. Hello Vickie-Don't feel badly about giving an honest review. Authors can't please everyone every time, they know this and an honest review is the most important thing.
    I stopped at the store with my hubby on Friday. Friday special is a dozen sweet rolls for $5. Also, 8 piece fried chicken 2/$10. If alone I wouldn't have bought either-he was a bad influence! And we've eaten everything! I'm grateful to be retired and able to stay at home-but I am eating way too much!! Well-something to work on I guess!

    1. Nancy, My husband is a bad influence also! They love that sweet stuff. I'm working on that eating too much too..I think I'll be better after the election. I have a habit of eating out of nervousness!

      Have a great day!


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