Saturday, January 16, 2021

Free Kindle Books for Today 1/16/21 And a Great Deal, Plus the Frugal Accomplishments of the Week!

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Frugal Accomplishments

I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing my frugal ways this week.  Next Saturday there will be more on the list hopefully.  

I made a fantastic new to me meal a couple of days ago.  We even had enough for leftovers!  

I found great grocery deals at Meijer.

We found some great stuff at the curbside this week!  I just wanted to let you know the refrigerator doesn't work.  We had it in the garage where it was cold so we thought it was working. It was humming right along too. Well ...anyhow we brought it inside and were greatly disappointed.    

I watched a free movie on Amazon Prime called Herself.  Yep, I sat on the couch and ignored the mess made by the grandchildren all week and relaxed.  It was pretty good

That's all for this week.  How did you do in the frugal department this week?

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Jenny said...

I'll have tho really think about my frugal list....hopefully I'm not repeating any of my comments.

-I bought 2 puzzles, 2 coloring books & two craft kits to do with my grandson. The kits(unopened) & coloring books were .50 each. One puzzle was .50 & one was $2. My grandson wants to color every single day. One coloring book had never been colored in, the other just a page or two.

I went to Goodwill & a local charity shop. I also found a partially used candle for .50. I bought it because the container looks a lot like a McCoy planter...I love McCoy. So I'm going to clean it out & put a plant in it. Bonus...I've been burning the candle. It still has a lot of life left in it & smells good.

I used a coupon for a sandwich at Arby' would have been more frugal to eat at home but I was able to get supper for my husband & me for under $10 so I thought that was pretty good.

I bought some stationery supplies at Hobby Lobby on sale. I'm doing a stationery swap in a Paper group I'm in. The young girl loves llamas & I had nothing in my stash. I found some really cute things for her. BUT...I also bought an ink pad at full price & forgot to use the coupon...oh I hate when I do that.

I've been doing well at cooking all our meals & snacks at home...take out has become rare.

I'm doing two online group challenges so I'm considering these 'free classes'. One is a year long embroidery challenge where we do one new stitch each week. It's called Take a Stitch Tuesday. I'm so enjoying it! The group is great. They let me ask a million questions & I've learned so much already. And...a lady sent me a box of threads to try. I only had one or two kinds & when I asked for the top three to buy (I didn't want to buy a lot) she offered to send me some. It was a small box but tons of threads plus a few surprises.

The second challenge is a writing challenge called 5 Minute Fridays. You get a weekly writing prompt, sit & write for 5 minutes then share. Most of the members are bloggers & they post on their blogs. A few of us just post on the private FB group. I'm just interested in improving my writing...I love words.

I guess that's a lot

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You did great (I reposted mine). I want to join your groups! I'll love for them thanks Jenny!

Lana said...

Well boo on the fridge. My Grandpa used to store tools that he did not want to rust in nonworking refrigerators.

We had three breakfasts out so that was not frugal but it was part of our eat out money so it's okay. The week before we did not eat out at all so it all balances out. Only one of those was inside the restaurant with some friends in our Covid pod. We sat way away from everyone else there. We picked up our freebie brownie at Chick fil A. Yum but it was huge.

We got a lot of great grocery deals this week. The outlet store had cases of fresh squeezed tangerine juice for 5.99. It is so good. Big bags of Starbucks coffee were 3.99 and they had their syrups for 1.49 a bottle. The regular grocery stores had some great deals as well. We are very well stocked on everything right now. Produce prices have really gone up here but thankfully not at Aldi.

Hubby is working on installing motion lights on the front of the house so no paying for someone else to do it.

Belinda said...

We did the usual stuff here, stayed home and cooked and ate all meals here. I'll have to check out the Watch Herself movie. I love that Amazon Prime has so many movies on there.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Look for them!

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Love all those deals too! We decided Monday's are doughnut days for the kids at meijer so I can't wait to see if I find some discounts again.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I wish I had more time..those movies are pretty good.

Kathy said...

Sorry about the fridge, but at least you weren't out much but your time. Glad you were able to relax a bit.
I need some new ideas for meals.
Have a great weekend.

KayM said...

I'll have to think about what I might have done this week in a frugal manner...I remember 1 day I was able to use up the rest of a chicken breast along with a very ripe avocado to make a salad, which was delicious and so, I didn't waste those two foods. I email a company to tell them that the t-shirt they sent to me was defective and they sent out a different one. I get to keep the first one, so I will mend it and be able to wear it at home. I stretched one cube steak into 2 meals by making a stir-fry. I got 10 free Kindle books free, plus I bought a set of 4, which was free by using promotional points. And I got some exceptional deals on Amazon for a few products I use regularly. I was very glad for all these things, especially since I had to pay "an arm and a leg" for another product that I use, which is apparently not going to be available much longer.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

The recipe that was so good was called bacon wrapped chicken. The crockpot Hawaiian chicken we had the next time I cooked though was not a good recipe at all.
I guess you win and lose some.
Have a great weekend too Kathy.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

You did great! It's too bad that Your stuff is not going to be around anymore. I've had that happen too but they started making it again.

Jeannie said...

I just downloaded the free book "Dig for Your Dinner" to my son's Kindle. Thanks for listing it above.


KayM said...

I hope I have the same good experience with my product!

Jenny said...

Here are the links....

Take a Stitch Tuesday
Here is the blog the group is based off of

and Five Minute Fridays...this is supposed to be a Christian group. I'm a conservative Christian...not ultra conservative but more conservative than this group (that might be a dangerous thing to admit to these days) but I read to try to understand different perspectives, skip anything that's way out there & mainly I'm there to improve my writing. I don't really enjoy this group but I'm grateful for a chance to practice something I want to improve. Maybe I just need more time with them...I am very new there...but I don't get much feedback compared to the others. Maybe because I'm not a blogger. The website really pushes improving your christian outreach & I just want to be a better writer.
It's more geared to bloggers so you would probably fit in better than I do.

Here's the website

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Thanks So much Jenny for the links. I like the sounds of take a stitch Tuesday a lot. I'm going to check that out now.

Vickie @Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

I hope so too!